Book Review /// Nothing To Prove by Jennie Allen

About Nothing To Prove

No More Pretending. No More Performing. No More Fighting to Prove Yourself. Are you trying your best to measure up—yet you still feel as if you’re losing ground? You are not alone. Jennie Allen understands the daily struggle so many of us face with the fear that we are not enough. And she invites us into a different…

My Thoughts On Nothing To Prove

I enjoyed savoring this easy, yet perfectionist-person-challenging, read, which basically meant this book was written for people exactly like myself. Ha. Because I'm one of those try-too-hard types, too, and this book was exactly the real-grace-talk I needed. It felt like an equal helping of an oh-so-needed-girls-talk-sesh, a bible study, and Jennie's own personal life-story wrapped into a pretty gold studded blue book. And it all worked. This is a book I'll be passing around to my girlfriends, for sure! 

Andalsoplustoo, my favorite chapter was No Longer Passive. It was one of those chapters that stays with you long after you read it--it is most defintely one that the church should be focusing on right now.

My Favorite Lines + Passages from Nothing To Prove

"The old cheap wine of measuring up and stale religion is gone. But the new wine answers our deepest craving--and it never runs out. The nearness of Jesus is enough to infuse joy in the midst of everyday experiences." [pg. 90-91]

"It was the beauty and the creativity and the glorious nature of uniquely crafted individuals, learning to appreciate and love what is different instead of fearing it. I had built a world that looked jut like me. In moving outside the box I had erected, I saw more of God. I saw how diverse and good His Kingdom is." [pg. 152-153]

"We tend to make most of our decisions based on our fears rather than on our faith." [pg. 155]

Stars In The Vast Sea of Books!? FOUR STAR WONDER! ****

About the Author
Jennie Allen is a recovering achiever who is passionate about Jesus. She is the best-selling author of Anything and Restless, as well as the founder and visionary for the million-strong IF:Gathering, which exists to gather, equip, and unleash the next generation to live out their purpose. 
Jennie speaks frequently at conferences such as Catalyst and Q. She holds a master’s degree in biblical studies from Dallas Theological Seminary and lives in Austin, Texas, with her husband, Zac, and their four children. 
Twitter: @JennieAllen
Instagram: @JennieSAllen

Big shout out to Blogging for Books, as I received this book from them for this review.

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