Breath of Angel {a book review}

I recently finished reading Karyn Henley's "The Angeleon Circle Book One: Breath of Angel" and I must admit that after having read only the first few chapters I wasn't so sure that I should have kept on reading (at first), however perseverance and an open mind can pay off if you give things a good chance, especially when it comes to this book.

"Breath of Angel" is the story of a young priestess named Melaia who seeks, and needs, to find her destiny in the midst of angels and others. Melaia's story first begins though when an angel is murdered...a hawk man flies into the skies...blood covered feathers...and from there the story continues to deepen and twist and turn over time. I have a feeling that you will be as drawn into the story as I was, if you give it a chance and continue to read on.

The first few chapters seemed to move a bit too quickly for me, and it seemed rather vague on details at times, but after a while I found myself more interested and invested into Melaia and the other characters. I mean I wasn't expecting detailed character origins anything like what Tolkien wrote many many years ago or anything, however, I wish that I had been a little more thoroughly introduced to the characters in the story within the first chapter instead of being thrust into the midst of a courtyard murder and no name faces to contend with.

Although, I do admit that after I had read past chapter 7 I knew that I needed to persevere on and give this book a chance and continue to read this book through...and I was right! This book was really good in the end. It had a great rise and fall to the story.

The story concepts and characters were really well laid out (after a while into the novel after I gave it a chance) and carried throughout the story quite well. I absolutely loved the idea of a story of an ongoing war between angels and malevolents, a blood feud between two brothers and about the stairway to heaven that was destroyed and is destined to be restored that I found within this book. This story was exciting and mysterious...and just how I like my Fantasy novels! I must warn you that you can't help but want to search out every scripture on angels after having read this book, seriously!

Honestly, I am ready to read Book 2 in The Angeleon Circle already, while eating apricots of course!

{{I received this book for FREE from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review.}}


  1. Yeah, I haven't really found my groove in writing book reviews yet, but I am sure I will with time. I just have to find a better layout for a review I think and then I'll be golden. :)

  2. Thanks so much for rating my review, Noah! I've already rated all of your books in that post actually! I'll keep an eye out for more reviews in the future so that I can rate them for you. =)


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