Happy 21st Birthday To Jay!

Happy 21st Birthday Jared Fisher! 
Thank you for being...
  • my very best friend, 
  • my constant rock, 
  • my prayer warrior, 
  • the arms that catch me when I fall, 
  • my source of joy, 
  • my laughter, 
  • my love, 
  • my source of uncovered nerdvana 
  • and one of the biggest and BEST parts of my life! 
  • Oh, and so many more things too! ;-)

May HE bless you in the coming days as you continue to walk with HIM. I hope that I may always be counted blessed enough to walk alongside you both to the end of my days!
Love, Red

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  1. Aw.. sweet post! He is a lucky guy to have a sweet girl like you in his life!! ^_^


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