a movie review: the secrets of jonathan sperry

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About The Story (please view the movie trailer):

Meet The Main Cast of Characters:
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Dustin played by Jansen Panettiere
The young man who has much to learn about faith, and who also has the two bestest of buddies by his side.

Mr. Jonathan Sperry played by Gavin MacLeod
A man with a heart for the Lord and wisdom to share...readily.

Albert played by Frankie Ryan Manriquez
Comic relief ring a bell?

Mark (far left) played by Allen Isaacson
The  truest of friends who has serious smarts.

Tanya (far right) played by Bailey Garno
Dustin's "love interest."

Mr. Barnes played by Robert Guillaume
The elderly "wandering" neighbor of Mr. Sperry. 

Nick played by Taylor Boggan
The Bully with something hidden deep down inside.

Negative Elements:
Absolutely n/a.

Positive Elements:
Where to begin? This movie was full of faith, life, friendship and love. I cried. I laughed. This movie was set in the 70's! Oh yes, this girl loves watching movies that are set in the 70's! The music was simply done and lovely. The cinematography was not shaky or crazily done in the least...which made my tummy and I very happy! Haha! Overall this movie is just a win-win, and a new favorite of mine!

Religious Aspects:
Christian ( and strongly so at that!) Mr. Sperry brings Biblical truths to light for the boys in this film in ways that I never would've thought of teaching them in that brilliant way myself...and to think it all started in this movie with a young man mowing an elderly mans lawn! Oh how clever God is when working in the seemingly most mundane tasks of our lives, while all the time HE is teaching us valuable lessons through our daily life, our friends and EVEN our elders!

My Thoughts:
Okay, so my mother got this movie from Netflix. She demanded that I watch it before she sent it back in the mail (because the rest of my family had already watched it), and after nearly two weeks I finally caved in and sat down to watch it. Starting out watching this movie I thought to myself "It's probably just another cheesy low budget feel-good film, right?" Oh, how I was wrong! I haven't watched a movie this wholesome and faith-filled in such a very long time. Not only was this film full of the Christian Faith and JESUS, but it was also very enjoyable to watch too (not to say that I usually assume that "Christian" movies are a bore!) I was glued to my seat as I watched Dustin, Mark and Albert (among others) try to get Dustin a "girlfriend," and also learn so many valuable lessons from Mr. Sperry etc. 

The lessons that Mr. Sperry taught the boys were so very important...timeless...and even "ageless," as in they were lessons that all ages need to hear and take to heart. I only hope and pray that the generation of young people with which I live among right now will start to also take to heart the teachings of every older and much wiser person that enters into their life just like the three boys did in this film with the teachings of Mr. Sperry. 

In Closing:
I hope you will all take the time to buy, rent or borrow a copy of this great little film so that you all will be able to learn a thing or two from Dustin, Mr. Sperry and the "rest of the gang!" Please, let me know if you watch this movie...or if you've already seen it...and what you thought of it!?


  1. I did like that movie Sarah! It was wholesome and entertaining...;)
    Thank you for taking your time to tell others about this good movie!

    Sister in Christ,

  2. I'm so glad that you loved 'The Secrets of Jonathan Sperry' as much as I did, Mylena!

    ::you may want to be on the lookout for an upcoming giveaway::wink-wink::hint-hint:: =D


  3. Thanks Sarah, I will ;)

  4. Just added this movie to my list :) (you know, of movies to see/ask for since I can't go to a rental place here in Athens... although they do have a store called Red Box that looks like a rip off of Red Box)


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