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     I must say that my new work schedule (at the Family Christian Store) has been an awesome change for me. I am now working in the afternoons into late in the evening, which totally works for me, seeing as how I am not an early morning person at all and rather am instead a cutsie little night owl. ::hoot hoot:: The only thing that has changed for me really with my new work schedule is that I don't get to watch my television programs (as Jay would say) anymore like I used to because I am at work when they come on late in the evenings.

    At first I was kind of like "Darn, I am gonna miss watching American Idol and Survivor!" Now though I am really excited that there isn't that much room in my life for television. I think going through my day without tv as a distraction is a beautifully brilliant awesome thing for me!

     I mean if you think about it, what do we really watch tv for anyway? For me it was for a false connection with tv character "friends", filler of time to be wasted, and a way to totally veg out and escape from life for a bit. Now I am not bashing tv shows in their entirety, honestly. I just think that for me I really could use my time more wisely by doing things that fill me up and make me a better and far much wiser young woman.

Things like: reading my Bible more, reading tons of books to expand my ever growing mind, spending more time with my family, playing piano, writing poetry, blogging, going for a long walk, taking photographs, editing photographs on my laptop, etc. The list goes on...

     I absolutely love watching films, still, and for me I don't see that ever changing. In fact, even though I have not been able to watch tv lately I have taken the time to indulge myself in my love affair of BBC films and other films as well by spending time watching them with my love (Jared) and my family. I watched "Daniel Deronda" with Jay this past weekend, and I absolutely LOVE it and I think Jay really liked it too. I also watched "Arthur & The Invisibles" for the first time the other night with my family, and surprisingly it was a really good movie, and it was a lot of fun to watch with my whole family. All this said, I will not stop watching movies...ever. However tv and I seem like we have been departing from one another, and for me, well, that is quite alright.

     So if I may dare ask, has anyone been reading anything really smashingly great and exciting lately that you'd love to share with me and the readers of Daughter of the King? What about YOU suggesting my next movie marathon line up for me? I'm game and all ears for now...

Here's what's coming next...
In my next post I'll share with you a few of the awesome new books that I just scored on Amazon.com for my sweetly-fantasticly-amazing Kindle...for FREE. Don't worry! If you don't have a Kindle,well, there's an App for that! ;-)


  1. I haven't been able to keep up with tv anymore. We are just out and about too much. If it's a show I really wanna keep up with I wait till it's on DVD and get it from Netflix. I am currently catching up on Fringe which I love! Can't say I have seen any good movies lately except Harry Potter and you've seen that!

  2. haha yes, yes there is an app for that ;-) sounds familiar haha :-D


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