amazon Kindle freebies {{april}}

I was super excited to find this on the Amzon Kindle FREE list! I just bought a New Testament Message Bible last week at work for $5, but I am super stoked to have an eBook copy on my Kindle too.

I think it will be fun to dig into this one...with the notes!

In the past I've always opted not to read these types of books, but the older I get the more it seems that I am drawn to these types of stories more and more.

I love novels with a strong female lead (and NO this does not mean I support Feminism in any way shape or form.)

Supposedly Karen Kingsbury is a really great and popular authoress right now. We sell a lot of her books at the Family Christian Store where I work at; but I am not sure if I'll like this story or not. I guess we'll see!

This one looks like a super easy and quite adventuresome read. Perfect for the Summertime.

I have to be honest, the only reason I really even got this book is because the cover photography was so pretty...and because it is by a Christian author. I hope it's good.

Now this is a book that I am REALLY excited about reading. This one is a new release (2011). It's a story of two sisters who take very different life staying on the Ranch and the other becoming a seller of antique books. Antique books...sisters...redemption...prodigal daughter story...enough said, really.

Brit Lit. Good stuff.

A young woman starts renovating an old Victorian home, and then mysterious things start happening. Mystery, a Victorian house, yes please do tell me that story! 

13 Little Blue Envelopes. Doesn't that just sound dreamy? It does to me. A romance filled European adventure. Sigh. Just what the Doctor ordered.

A Faerie story. Oh, how I love me some Fantasy books to read! I actually found out about this book on the blog Concrete & Grace this morning. Thanks for telling us about this Kindle freebie, Siriana! 
Well, blogger lovelies, you can find these books on for FREE for use on your Amazon Kindle, iPad, iPod Touch or iPhone. If you don't have a Kindle like I do then know that there is an APP for you to download these books. Happy searching...and reading...


 I am not getting any kind of payment from the authors or publishers for talking about their works or for discussing these particular books on my blog. I simply found these eBooks for FREE on Amazon and wanted to share with you about these titles. Also, I have not read any of these books as of yet, so I cannot endorse them or their contents (their appropriateness) fully as of yet. 


  1. hey, alot of those sound really good! how do you find all of those? i went to their free list, and they only had some of those listed. but if i searched the titles, they came up. hmmm..

  2. I usually find a book I like on the 100 Top Free list, and then underneath that book (after you've clicked on it) there are usually even MORE FREE SUGGESTIONS on the page. Shoot me an e-mail about it if you have any more questions, Ashley. EvenstarHeart{at}gmail{dot}com

  3. ah, ok. got it. thanks sarah! my kindle is getting quite full with all these freebies!! :)

  4. Yay! Then I have done my job! Haha! =)

  5. I think you'll really like Divine. I read it a while ago, but I thought it was quite a powerful story. It's doesn't really fit with anything else Karen Kingsbury has written, but it's still really good.

    And you'll for sure have to let us know how all these books are after you finish them!


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