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     Yes, all over the place. That is how my body, mind and heart feels as of late...oh yeah, my life too! How could I forget to mention that? I have been "on my knees" a lot lately, and on my back in bed, in pain a lot too. I have been super happy over some major blessings and opportunities that have graced my life currently (which I will reveal in time...but not right now though because I can't!), and then there have been days like yesterday where I just cried my eyes out on the way to work after having had an evening of tossing and turning in my super comfy bed and not being able to rest as I had desperately wanted (and so needed) to because of the pain I was in....and because I miss Jared who is 5 hours away from me right now.

     Honestly, I was in so much pain yesterday that I could barely function. I've been going to the Chiropractor for a little while now due to some serious back problems. Let's just say that my spine should be aligned up and down vertically with the natural curves in place, but instead my spine is in a C-shape at the moment (at a 20 degree angle shift is what I think the Doctor said...?) and is suffering from major Chiropractic Sublaxation (check out this Wiki link for more info) between the discs of my spinal vertebra. In other words, according to what the Doctor said, if I hadn't come in when I did and started getting my back worked on I probably, with more time, would have to have ended up having major spinal/back surgery...including inserting metal rods and/or metal discs and screws into my spinal column. Fun stuff, huh? I also have a really messed up Sacrum that is not sitting where it SHOULD BE and my hips are improperly aligned as well. I feel like a 60+ year old in a 21-almost-22 year old's body!

     So yeah, that's why I haven't been on Blogger too much recently. I've been trying to concentrate on breathing (and doing so without pain...because it hurts to breath in lately), working, my photography, reading and just trying to live through my everyday life pain free. It's been a challenge though lately.  I don't want these pains to own me, but sometimes I feel like they do. On top of the pain, I feel like I've been heaped upon by two large mountains in my life. The first mountain is called "Many Blessings" and the second mountain is called "Many Stresses." My joy, at the moment, heavily outweighs the stresses, but it's still a daily struggle for me to just forget that I am in pain and dealing with the stresses of the world!

     Would you mind praying for me dear ones? Please, pray for my physical health, my mental health, my spiritual health and my relationship health as well, too. I'd appreciate it so much if you would. You, all my lovely readers, are a big support and I consider each and every one of you sweet dear friends! =)

    I promise that some more "normal" posts will be coming soon. I just watched a really awesome movie yesterday, while icing my back, that was really great and I absolutely cannot wait to share about it with you! You need to see this movie, that I am coyly hinting at right now! As well as an upcoming movie review I also have a "surprise" interview I did with someone who is highly respected, loved and very important to me coming up in a two part blog post series. So please keep an eye out for those posts, and keep me in your prayers when you're on your knees, please!

P.S. - Extra prayer may be needed for my crazy family and I as we take the small steps towards becoming self sustained human beings utilizing Creation and our 5 acres of land. What this entails you may ask? Well, this means that us crazies are getting a shipment of a thousand worms! (We may keep them in the house, which is freaking my sister out! Hehe!) Yes, my friends, we are becoming worm farmers! Haha! We are also getting ready and preparing to raise chicks-to-hens for our own fresh eggs as well, and we are beginning to landscape our property and starting to plan out our crops for our garden this year. So many weird and exciting thing are beginning to shape up for me and my family already this year. Whew! That was random wasn't it?  Hope you all are having a blessed stress and pain free day! ;-)


  1. Having gone through many back issues for the past couple years I can relate to where you are, it is certainly a very difficult time, feeling like you can't even get done some of the basic things that are a part of everyday life. My father doesn't tend to like chiropractor's, so I went through many months of physical therapy, only to be told that we had to stop because I'd used up all my insurance. Which means I still deal with back issues everyday, along with a misaligned hip, joint problems in both my wrists and one shoulder, and constant headaches. I don't even remember what it is like to not be in pain.
    But the Lord has certainly given grace in getting through each day and being able to continue on with a (semi)normal life. I will be praying for you each day, that He would give you the same grace, strength, and patience that He has bestowed on me.
    much love to you dear sister ~ Laurel

  2. Thanks for your prayers, Laurel! I too was suffering with headaches alongside all of my other problems, and luckily since I've been going to the chiropractor my headaches have ceased and I have been starting to feel moments during the day of which I am in no pain, or at least dull pains.

    I hope and pray for you too, that the Lord will bring your body healing and comfort...and pain free filled days, dear sister! =)

  3. So sorry for the pain. Will say a prayer for you today!

  4. Praying for you!! I was going to come to comment that i was praying for you and then i saw your post and realized just how bad it is.... please know that we at love unawakened are sincerely praying for you! :) Love ya!!


  5. Thanks, so much Jen (and Kat too!) for your prayers!! Love you sister!


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