what i've been... {march}

The polls have rolled in m'dears, and it seems that you all quite like my quirky "What I've Been" posts so much that I've decided to start writing them monthly (for now at least.) I hope you enjoy reading these posts, because I sure do love writing them! Read on, lovelies...



{photo by: me}

While I may not be the BEST photographer in the world I am indeed becoming an improved one every time I take a hold of my camera and get out there and take a thousand more photos and play around with my camera's many settings.

I've discovered that our local donut shoppe has the BEST Orange Twist donuts ever, my friends! Seriously, I ate two yesterday and they were ammmmmmmmmmazing! Sadly I took no photos of my lovely delectable Orange Twist.....guess I'll have to go get another one!

-Jared's new header, designed by me-

That while I am designing a header or new blog look for someone else I am cool as a cucumber and can get it done quite quickly (if I do say so myself!), but when I re-design my whole blog or just my header I am such an OCD ADD Perfectionist type of a person that it takes me hours to work on it all and I get all stressed out (I know I need to take a chill pill....or get someone else to do my blog design next time...right?)

Listening to

-eisley's new album 'the valley'-

I am loving this album. I cannot explain what it sounds like exactly, you'll just have to take my word for it that this album is a delightful melodic listen and go have an earful for yourself.

-tron legacy soundtrack-

I have listened to this album over and over again while writing and scrapbooking this past week, and I honestly never get tired of hearing it. Daft Punk is amazing and as far as movie scores go Tron: Legacy has the best one I've heard in a loooong time folks!


 Marybeth Whalen recently stopped by my blog and left me a couple of very sweet comments, in one of which she suggested her book to me because she thought it'd be right up my alley after she saw what was on my little bookshelf on my blogs sidebar. So far she is right...it is up this gal's alley! I have only just started reading this book, but so far it has swept me away. I'll let you all know how I like/love it later, okay?

That being an adult is a big fat pain in the batukus sometimes, but you've just gotta woman/man up and learn how to deal. Do your worst (adult life)! No, that was not an invitation asking for pain to be inflicted upon me and my life, that was me saying that Life you just bring it on because my Lord and I can do battle with you anytime, anywhere, understood!? =P

That lying to yourself stinks BIG time. It just does. Really.

That prayer without ceasing is promising, even when you can't see it in the beginning.

Hearing From God:

Plug in. Trust me. Speak truth. Have faith. (Sounds simple doesn't it? Ha! It's more like an every day work in progress, if you ask me.)


-red riding hood-

Okay, so here's the deal. My momma and I went to go see this movie the Saturday before last......and we both disliked it BIG time! I don't even know where to begin to start telling you all just how bad this movie really was. The actors were just fair in my opinion, the film was filmed quite shaky and made me sick to my stomach throughout the whole 2-ish hours, the music score was extremely weak and laughable at moments, the sensuality was way overdone and disgusting, and to top it all off, Red Riding Hood, the movie that was supposed to keep you guessing up until the last moment as to who the Big Bad Wolf really is was totally predicted by myself (and proved right at the end of the movie) within the first 10 minutes of the film. Brilliant plot...they thought. Ha, yeah right!

-man vs. food-

I started watching this show this past Sunday after Church and lemme tell you that I thoroughly enjoyed it, and most certainly will continue to watch this show. My only minor qualm with the show's host, Adam Richman, is that they've had to bleep out one not so nice word a couple of times during the show. Other than the two nasty bleeped out words that were uttered watching him eat ginormous meals and seeing him travel all over is very interesting to me. I wish I could travel all over the place and eat tons of food as my job! 


What have you been discovering about yourself, listening to, reading, learning, hearing from God and watching lately? 

*Just so you know, I don't mind copy cats, as long as you let me know that you've written a "What I've Been..." post too ( and you link your post back to me), so that I can check out your most current happenings as well.


  1. My sis and I LOVED Red Riding Hood! I thought it was like Twilight meets The Village. I thought the filming was brilliant and dark and matched the movie idea very well....I love Amanda Seyfried, she is amazing and of course Peter and Henry were fun to watch too. And to be honest, D and I both were completely stumped on who the Wolf was - never once thought it was who it was!!! Lol! It's funny how movies appeal to one person but not another. I have a friend who thought I Am Number Four was a great movie, I personally found it mediocre and disappointing!

  2. hmmm...i cant decide if i want to see red riding hood or not. ive heard that it has some ackward sexuality and quite disturbing violence. but it looks so interesting. so...im at a toss up. decisions decisions....;p

  3. {Ashley} I said 'disgusting' about the sensuality in 'Red Riding Hood' because there is a MAJOR disturbing scene between two females. It wasn't so much the "disturbing violence" that bothered me, it was more so the message about love and sex...and the shaky camera angles and total easy peesy predictability of the plot! Haha!

  4. {Alaythea} I wanted to see that "I Am Number Four" movie too. I think I will Netflix it when it comes out. Yes, I think it's funny how friends can disagree on some movies and then totally agree on how great others were! I don't mind dark set films, but for me the predictability (guess I've read to many werewolf and sci-fi books and I just KNOW), sensuality and total disregard for sex bing a gift that is to be saved for marriage really bothered me.

  5. I've been thinking about going to see Lil'Red Riding Hood, but maybe not so much anymore :P Hmm...

    Nice new header for your dude ;) I need to go check out his blog!

    BTW, dear, I tagged you over at my blog :)

  6. Thanks so much for reading my book! So glad you took my not so subtle hint to try it!! And thanks for your sweet comment at my blog. Your blog is beautiful!! Are you coming to She Speaks?? We just might be announcing another contest on www.shereads.org if you'd like to try to win a scholarship. Keep checking there for details soon!


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