to life i say "Do Your Worst!"

When I think about my life in the grand scheme of things I seem to become of lesser importance, or at least I think so and I know that I should become lesser and be filled by more of Him. Even though everything that's been going on in my life lately feels super confusing and way too BIG to me to handle, and my fears seem like they are bigger than me too, I remind myself over and over again that my God is BIGGER! God is BIGGER than my many fears. God is BIGGER than my many mistakes. God is BIGGER than my yesterday, today and tomorrow. God is BIGGER and greater than I. God has BIGGER plans for me than I even have for myself. God is BIGGER than my check book and the state of the economy. God is BIGGER than my love for my love. God is BIGGER than my pains. God is BIGGER than my life and it's ongoing's and He is most certainly BIGGER than anything or anyone else in this world that you and I call our home (temporarily.)

To my Life that seems BIGGER than me today I say "Do your worst!" for I will do my best Life, and if You don't think that my best is good enough for You then You can just throw Your worst at me if You'd like to, because my God is way BIGGER than You!

I know that my God is BIGGER. He alone will work all of these loose threads in my life together for His glory in His time, because HE. LOVES. ME. (& You Too.)


  1. Thank you so much for posting that! I really needed to hear it.

  2. Amen! Thanks for this post. Very encouraging reminder :) have a blessed weekend!

  3. That may be true,,,But I dint know why I cant see it in my life..some times i feel that god loves me but other time it seems as if there is far distance between us and He probably does not hear me or just ignoring me because of my sins and my weakness. .
    I have observed that whenever I feel close to him I feel strong but as this connection loosens up my weakness start hovering over me and once I slipped, this fills me with great remorse and I myself then dont like to encounter him because I feel as if I am culprit of not keeping my promise of being away from my weakness,,,I feel a guilty of commiting mistake. and this leads finally leads me feel down and pessimistic about my life.....

  4. HE always hears us, Avi, even in those seemingly distant moments. I feel stronger when I am closer to God too, but sometimes it is the weak times that make me yearn for time spent with the Lord all the more. Stay strong, Avi, and remember that in our weakness HE will make us strong! I'll be praying for you...


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