rain+books =love

warning: a fastly written post lies ahead
{this book cover i do indeed "heart"}
I spent today, rainy as it was, in Asheville with my love. I am so glad that I was able to drive up there to visit Jared. I really missed him a lot!! (I hadn't seen him since Valentine's Day.) We had so much fun being the completely nerdy couple that we are. An awesome date day for us consists of me taking plenty of photos, us pouring over piles of books, walking about wherever, talking about Godzilla and all things neo-victorian, and yeah that pretty much sums us up. Meh, we are really quite easy to please! It was a grey rainy day, our favorite kinda day, and Jay and Red got to spend it together!! What a blessing it was for us to spend a day together!

{these were the Classic books in Malaprops that i am  head over heels for}

We walked around the mall for a few hours talking and generally just goofing off and enjoying being in each other's company once again....even splurging on a few awesome items by the end too. 

{more lovely Classics}

I bought a coral colored beret and a flowered headband, and Jay got a Fossil leather wallet and a Polo watch (for an early b-day present from me...seems tradition now that I give him his gifts in March even though his b-day is in April!) Jared bought me an exquisite hard leather copy of Alice In Wonderland...it's so awesome and victorian-ish and pretty-ful and leather-y and shiny-ish and mineth!! *Le sigh!!* 

{all she said was "eep"}

{me with a kiddie book at malaprops in downtown asheville nc}

After we were done perusing and walking through the mall we decided to head to the downtown area to hit up Malaprops bookstore. It was raining and kinda chilly (and I was wearing flip flops might I add), but when there are books to be sniffed and leather-bound book spines to be stroked within a 5 mile radius you just can't keep Jay and I away! Yes, there were other (crazy) people downtown walking in the rain too, the only difference between them and Jared and I is that they had umbrellas and we didn't, but we still had laughs and plenty of smiles to go around. I should've bought an umbrella....and rain boots....oh well!

How was your Saturday? Was it as rainy and as good a time as mine?


  1. Don't ya just love the Penguin books?! I have five of them now! Glad you had a fun day!

  2. those books are sooo sweet! i would buy them just as decoration! :)

  3. Those books are beautiful!!! If you only could get a $500 gift card for books! LOL


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