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{here's my first shot of my outfit of the weekend}

Okay, so since I know you all are just dying to see what I am wearing I thought that I would start posting a few outfit posts here and there. Honestly I've been inspired by my busy friend Caroline (check out her lovely blog!!) to do these sorts of posts, because if she can do it, busy girl as she is, I can manage to share a few outfit posts with you lovelies once in a while, right?

{my newly found, and much-loved coral colored beret}

I am unable however to do an outfit post daily because honestly monday through friday is spent wearing scrubs for work, and so I really have no time to wear normal clothes on those days. That said, I'll try to post outfit posts on the weekends since those are the only two days when I am usually in my stylish garments! lol

{i also found this flowery headband for $13 at JC Penney and Jay got me this lovely book  that i had been eyeing for quite some time now}

I promise that the photography for these posts will get better too, but for this first one I was left at Home alone with only a lamp without a shade, a stack of books piled high, a 10 second timer on my Canon camera and me to take self portraits...not easy. Next time I will have my sissy help me out with the photos, because let's face it she is pretty stellar at capturing my essence with the camera! (I also have no full length mirror in my Home or a camera tri-pod which stinks!)

{i spent the day in asheville yesterday browsing through books and walking in the rain with jay}

My outfit of the weekend specs from H2T:

Coral Colored Beret ($13) // JC Penney
Chain (w/bracelet also $7) // Walmart 
 Pendant ($2.50) // Walmart
Cream Undershirt ($-?) // Maurices
Batik Print Tank Top ($-?) // Maurices
'Brunette' Hoodie ($9-??) // Walmart
Pink Mum Ring (Birthday Gift) // Sweet & Simple Jewelry Design
Straight Bootcut Jean in a Dark Wash ($40-?) // American Eagle
Bahama Sunwear Flip Flops (gift) // Goodies


  1. I love the headband! I never go to to Penny's anymore, maybe I should stop next time I'm over that way.

  2. I love the head band and beret. I don't think I could do a beret, hats and me don't get along. LOL It all looks great!


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