A Book Scented Green Date Day

This past Saturday was so much fun. Jared drove down to visit so he could take me out on a date day. An entire date day together! Okay, so I was only a little super excited about our date day, and I still am really. Just maybe I'll tell you a little bit about our day...
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1) We went to one of our favorite local used bookstores (when I say local I usually mean anywhere from 30 min.- 1 hr. drive away) and perused the heavily packed bookshelves. I had brought in a nice sized stack of my own books to trade in for store credit, sadly Mr. Greg (the bookstore owner) was away in Germany. Long story short: firstly I can't go into a bookstore without at least purchasing a book or two, and secondly with the store owner being out of the country he couldn't exactly give me any trade credit. (Sad face.) Well, better luck next time on getting trade credit I suppose. Jared and I still had a lot of fun in the used bookstore, despite my lack of trade credit.

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2) After having purchased 2 books Jay and I left the bookstore and we headed towards the BIG TOWN to grab an early lunch at Applebee's. I absolutely love their 2 for $20 deals! Good thing because that's what we ended up deciding to get. Jay settled for a steak and a ginormous mound load of fries, whereas I went for the three cheese chicken penne which is always fab tasting, but never fails to leave me without a tummy ache! :( Lunch was super delicious and while filling our mouths with yum-o delights we had some fun talking about how we both envisioned the Eragon movie really going down (gosh we are such nerds!), instead of the pitiful attempt that was the Eragon movie. If you've not seen the movie or read the book yet you should definitely see the movie first, but only if you don't want to be disappointed by the movie. If you are a literary lover however I strongly recommend that you read the book first, please! ;)

3) Jared has pretty much worn out all of his Summer clothes. That said we both ended up in the Belk, at the small town mall that is in the bigger city, and scoured the racks for a good deal on some decent dungarees for my guy. I am happy to announce that the mission has been accomplished.

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4) I had suggested to Jay that we go and see the new Green Lantern movie. (Heather from Mrs. Southern Bride and Rachel from Dove of Snow said it was a good movie. Great recommendation ladies. Thanks!) I'm really glad I did too, because we both loved it! Surprisingly enough I actually liked Green Lantern more than the new Pirates 4 movie. Shocker, I know. I pretty much shocked myself when I declared that I like Green Lantern over Pirates 4 at the end of the movie...pretty sure I shocked Jay too! The movie was full of the Classic Sci-Fi essence and a lot of quirky humor. You'll just have to go see it for yourself to understand...

5) Later on in the evening after we got back from the movies I asked my sister Mary if she'd take some photos of Jared and I together, and sweetly enough she obliged. I don't think Jared is ever too thrilled to pose for the camera, but it really means the world to me when he does. I love having my photo taken beside the guy that has my heart. Thank you for humoring me, Jay, even if you don't understand why I have the compulsive desire/need to take photos of everything in existence including your handsome face.

So, yes, that was my date day with my guy this past Saturday. It was a wonderful day! Anyone have any more creative ideas for date days? I'd love to hear them if ya got them...


  1. Sounds like a great day! I'm glad you liked Green Lantern, too. Rachel and I loved it. I'm a big fan of comic book superhero movies, and I was not disappointed. To tell you the truth, I think I liked Lantern more than Pirates 4 as well, haha! I love it when I get to spend "date days" with my wife. I don't know what all you have in your area or what all you and Jared enjoy doing, so I'm at a bit of a loss for future suggestions. Perhaps with July 4th coming up, you guys can go to a local or state fair, or maybe go for a hike in a local state park. One thing that Rachel and I enjoy doing when we have the time and money is visiting one of our state's historic cities, admiring the architecture and history. If there is a city like that not far from you guys, that can make for a really fun day. And of course, catch some fireworks! Hope ya'll enjoy the holiday! 'Til then, have a great day!

  2. AnonymousJune 28, 2011

    Are you and Jared ever going to get engaged?!!! Lol! And yeah, how could you not like Green Lantern when Ryan Reynolds is in it?? He's like smokin' hot!!!

  3. {Joe Rudin}Jared is an extremely BIG Marvel/DC/Godzilla/Anime fan! He really liked the movie, and I'm pretty sure I won some 'awesome-girlfriend-points' for being the one to suggest we go see Green Lantern. Thanks for the date day trip tips! Sounds like a lot of fun! I hope you and your wife have a lovely Independence Day as well! :)

    1) Who are you exactly, if you don't mind my asking?
    2) Of course Jared and I will be getting engaged! We are waiting for the Lord's provision in the realms of job security and financial aid. ;)
    3)Green Lantern was AWESOME. Ryan Reynolds does have pretty eyes, but he's so not my type! lol

  4. Your date day sounds like it was so much fun! Really glad you and Jared both enjoyed the movie Heather and I both recommended! I don't know if Heather's seen it now or not? But she wants to!

    And Joe is right, we do enjoy seeing beautiful and interesting architecture and historically relevant sites and what-not. It's all fun! :) I think your trip to the used bookstore sounds A-MAZ-ING though! I wish we could have gone to one yesterday, it was closed already by the time we were around. :-T Oh well! Another time, perhaps!


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