Dearest Summer,

Today was one of those absolutely delisciously warm and breezy summery days. One of those days that you could literally just spend hours walking around outside and be completely content. Even though it was somewhat humid it wasn't too hazy, which was fine by me. My pale ghostly skin treasured being illumined by the radiant vitamin d streaming through the fluffy white clouds. It was oh so very genuinely beautiful today. The taste of herb filled Italiano in my mouth, while gazing out at the lake at the vast mountainous views that surrounded me from the outside sitting area of the ristorante. Smiling, laugh lines growing wider as they spread across my face incessantly. Sides hurting. Friendship. 3 generations of women sharing themselves with one another. 

Yes, It was just simply one of those beautiful days where the sunshine glistened off of the lovely lake waters, and everything seemed relaxed and carefree. I watched as the many shadows cascaded all around me, falling gently against all of the 360 degree mountain views that encased my being. The clouds waved hello and goodbye over and over again. It made me long for my DSLR, which sadly enough had been left at home in her dark and very lonely camera case. Laying in the vibrant green grass, feeling the warmth of the setting sun on my face. Photographs for bios. 

Next time, Summer, I shall catch you in full glory through the lens of Lila Canon. Next time. Another beautiful day to be had. I'm waiting... Le sigh. 

Summer, I think you and I are beginning to fall for one another.

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