Jarah's Spring Break // Day Two & Three

Day Two

(1) We got up, got dressed, ate breakfast and then headed out into the backyard where we worked on trimming bushes, trees (and not each other) with Robin (Jared's dad) and Seth (J's brother.)

(2) Leftover pizza was what was on the menu for lunch, which we ate up in Seth's third floor room.

(3) Jared and Seth played video games while I got all cozy up on the couch with a quilt, my reading glasses and snuggled down deeply with my copy of Replication: The Jason Experiment by Jill Williamson in hand.

(4) Jared, Seth and I went to go pick up Seth's girlfriend, Brianna, to spend some time together. We stopped at the store to get a bag of cheese for taco night and then we headed home.

(5) The four of us (Jared, Me, Seth and Brianna) hung out up in Seth's room where Seth and Brianna talked while Jared and I looked up source images of mermaids for a "story project" I'm currently working on.

(6) I went downstairs to help Tricia (Jared's momma) make tacos and quesadillas, while the rest of the gang stayed up on the third floor to hold down fort. It was a lot of fun cooking and talking with Tricia! We'll have to do that more often. ;)

(7) The quesadillas I taught Tricia how to make were a hit with the family and everyone enjoyed the conversation around the dinner table about Pastor Robin's recent trip to India where he ate a few different delicacies like: Dominoes (Domino's Pizza), Freedays (TGI Friday's). Yeah, Robin tried to stump us by saying our American cuisine venues with an Indian accent. It was pretty funny to say the least, even if he wasn't such an adventurous eater after all! After dinner the majority of us had chocolate cake and ice cream, which was to die for! Right after we started eating dessert I bolted up the stairs to grab Tricia's early birthday present. Jared and I got his momma Illusions by Frank Peretti, a coffee mug and a GINORMOUS card that sang the Hallelujah Chorus when opened (that one really made Tricia laugh...hehe!)

(8) Us youngins decided to go out on a double date after dinner to go and see John Carter in 3D (Jay and I'd already seen it once before, but not in 3D.) Well, we kinda got lost on the way to the movies so we knew we'd be about 10 minutes late, but lucky for us when we finally did find the movie theater and made it into our seats in stadium 5 we realized that the people there were playing the wrong movie in the stadium where John Carter was supposed to be playing. So Jared went and told some of the movie theatre employees and they straightened things out so we got to see the movie from beginning to end just as we'd hoped we would.

Day Three

(1) Got up, got dressed and ate cinnamon rolls. Then it was out the door and to church for us all!

(2) Jared and I headed to Sunday School and then by 11am Jared's dad started preaching. We also took communion, as it is Palm Sunday and all.

(3) Leftovers for lunch with the family while sitting in front of the TV watching an episode of Happy Days (that was interesting.)

(4) Reading and blogging with my love by my side. We love chilling out and napping on Sunday afternoons. 

(5) We'll be going to the Easter Cantata at Church tonight.

And that was how day two and three of Spring Break went for Jarah. Until next time...

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