Memento Mori // Memento Vivere

It's interesting to me that experiencing death can make a person want to live more openly and vividly and wildly than ever before. Losing my Mimi this past Saturday has shown me this truth on a whole new level.

I want to savor and cherish the little moments that are often overlooked: like sunshine that gleams through blinds and climbs under windowsills to wake me early in the morning, words that swim through cerebrum and cerebellum to paint the world vibrantly full of stories that must be told, smiles that say it all sans words, family that gathers and grows, scented petals which were made to breath in the spring-life, celebrating births and the re-dedication of lives, road trips that shape and teach you all about your perfect happy medium with the one you love, etc.

It's like death has this way of reminding us what a gift life truly is when it finally comes knocking on the family door. Death and life are a gift given to us. Family and friends that encompass us and pass on, they are the ones that show us how to live life daily on a much deeper plane.

You see, death, well, it's just another part of living really. Death comes as this grand last-breath-gesture that says "see you later" and then it also speaks words to us that softly and lovingly whisper memento vivere (remember to live.) My heart is aching right now, over this recent death and life shown. It is aching to live with remembrance and future in mind.

It's only after experiencing the death of someone we love...though never completely understood...that we come to this threshold of wanting to know our King more. We long to live more. We strive to remember to live out this gift given, called life, in the only way we know how, grasping furiously after truths and bent on knees in sweet seeking prayer. We all seek a nourished soul and not just an empty hollow shell to carry us throughout our final days. We seek relationships and love.  And we can find both a relationship and what love truly means with Jesus.


We must seek out this bread of life (John 6:53-58) daily so that we can live. Jesus Christ is the bread and wine and life. If you don't know my Jesus I'd love to tell you all about Him. Here are the basics: Jesus was this awesome man who gave His life and bled for us all so that you and I could have life with The Father for all of eternity, no matter what sins have stained us. We've all sinned and stifled the life we've been offered freely at some time or another, but there's always another chance, no matter the fault, because He lives.

My Jesus is the giver of life e-v-e-r-l-a-s-t-i-n-g. He is the One who teaches us how to live and love and we cannot ever live apart from Him.

My Mimi knew her King and she did live extravagantly, in her own unique way. Her passing, though it saddens and shakes me still, has come as a sweet reminder of my Jesus and His gift of life given through His death, so that I could truly live openly with His name scrawled all over my life in red, vividly seeing all that He has given and created for me and wildly chase after a passionate relationship with The Father.

Friends, loved ones, and dearest bloggers I want you to know this: we were meant to live strong lives, that in death, show others how to live for Christ. 

So, with death remembered, my eyes wide open, prayers upon my lips and my fragile human heart open to the love which He so freely gives, I will remember to live life until death claims my body and frees my soul to live forevermore with Him.


  1. Death is never good bye, it's just until next time. Praying for your family and you. May the Lord bring you blessings and comfort in this time of remembrance.

    1. Absolutely. Death is never a goodbye. Thank you for your prayers!

  2. I'm so sorry about your Mimi. :( This, here, though, is true gold. Memento Vivere.

  3. Thank you for your prayers, sweet girl! ♥


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