mag poetry :: volume one

I recently tried my hand at writing some "magazine poetry" with my dear super-creative friend, Ruth. She grabbed an add on coffee and went wild, and I just so happened to snatch up an old issue of Better Homes & Garden and randomly flipped through it and chose words or phrases that "spoke to me." After Ruth and I both had our list of words and phrases jotted down on our individual sheets of paper we decided to read them aloud together to see what all the fuss was over mag poetry. Much to our shock and awe, the words of which spoke to us, out of random magazines mind you, actually read like lovely lyrical poetry when they were strung together without the intention of being a poem.

That said, I'd love to share some of my mag poetry with you. Have you ever tried stringing random prose-filled words together before?

- - - - - -

soul paint in the mirror 

a more beautiful tomorrow
fresh living
be colorful
lose the fear
where life happens
find your soul paint, a fog grey
to inspire, simple pleasures
find your muse
bloom continuously, scattered
evoke, center stage
inspiration to grow on
change of season
beautifully different, original
rise and shine, fearlessness
silver lining
so real
get closer, explore
we run free, roam free, live free
bring joy, salt and light
a mirror challenges 
what's possible


lives of civil servants, 
climbing and falling
submit to arcadia, retreat
be used to plan
hope will enlighten, 
and inspire you
this is how you lose her, and listen
whatever it was i needed
courage or naivete, 
foresight or luck
it enabled us to remain hopeful, joyful
and most of all imaginative
simply in awe, 
we had no choice
it's not an easy question to answer
i think about things never done 
you're not alone
my dark companion these days, 
thanks for reminding me why 

/// photo sources, one and two /// 


  1. Oh, those are very beautiful. :) I really love that idea! I've done blackout newspaper poetry, but I'll have to try this too. Blessings to your day!

    1. Ooh, now I simply MUST try that blackout newspaper poetry of which you speak of!! =)

  2. Whoa! I've NEVER heard of this before but you've made me a believer!

    Breathtaking. <3

    1. Thanks, girl! You should totally try doing the mag poetry! It is too much fun!

  3. I just love your blog! :)

    1. Thanks, Jen! You've totally made my day with that sweet comment!! :)


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