Three Years with Hearts Full of Love

Dear Love,

Oh, but where to begin? We've known each other for about three years and four months now total, and we've been together in a dating relationship since you accidentally called me on a Sunday evening just three years ago as of today. That call changed our lives forever, immensely, and I am ever so grateful and happy for that blissful accident of a phone call! *wink wink* We were so young and timid then, laughably so. My, oh my, but how the time flies!?

Yes, indeed a lot has changed in three years time for us, as I know you already know. We've grown together, a lot. I am so glad that I am the girl who got to grow up to become a strong young woman by your side, with your patient help and your endearing love through these last three years together. It has been a wonderful ride, hasn't it?

And because of you I've learned to grow, and how to fly. Honestly, you complete me like no one else ever could. You are my best friend, my love, my muse, my fellow dreamer and my constant supporter. And I love you. Through your own every day examples I have learned to cherish the time that God has given us together, the full life that He has given us, and I pray that He will continue to give us an abundant helping of more time together, because I couldn't think of a better guy of whom I'd want to spend the rest of my life with. I really couldn't, Jay!

Yes, today and always, I hope that you'll remember just how much I deeply love you. I am so thankful and blessed to know you, your soul, your deepest most inner self. Thank you for letting me in so many years ago and for offering me a piece of paper with your e-mail address on it. Life would be kinda dull had you not let me in and taken a chance like you did.

Jared, I cherish you, just the way you are...quirks and unruly hair and messy room and all. You are an amazing man. I love the way you unflinchingly claim your identity as a nerd, and with such amusing pride at that (because secretly I am a BIG nerd too!) I love how you have the most Brobdingnagian verbose vocabulary ever. I love the way your emotive blue-grey eyes light up a room when they lock a hold on my own eyes. I love your deep chest-ricocheting laugh, as it is always unrestrained and infectious and it makes my heart swell a thousand times over. I love the way you love me, ever so strongly and sweetly. I love how you always pray over me, uplifting me to our glorious King. I love that you never, ever, ever, give up, and that you always, always, persevere through whatever storm in life you are currently facing. I love how you always see the bright side of things, the glass is always half full to you. I ardently admire the way you turn to God and to prayer first before you turn to look to a man or a book or thoughts of your own. I love the way you count every day a blessing, and have taught me how to do so...just name five things, Sarah Elizabeth.

Now, I know that the last three years together haven't always been easy, but they have  been wonderful and trying and filled with so many blessings to count nevertheless, and I am so happy that I got to share them all with you, my love. We really have made it through a lot, haven't we? I mean, you've moved from being one-and-a-half hours away to being four-and-a-half hours away to being one hour and fifteen minutes away and then back to being four-and-a-half hours away again, and I know that you moved that many times just for me.

I am humbled and thankful for you and your constant sacrifices in the name of our beautiful love. It means the world to me, as do you. We've both been in and out of work, what with my changing jobs twice since we've been together and your delivering water bottles with the family business and then looking for a full time job for three crazy-long years. I am beyond ecstatic that the Lord has blessed us both with jobs, but I am especially thankful that the Lord has answered our long awaited prayers and given you such a wonderful full-time job. Your perseverance and patience really paid off this time, babe, and the Lord is indeed good! I am beyond proud of you, just so you know.

Over the last three years I have watched you stand up as a great man to fight for what you love, including myself, so very valiantly. Because of you I have learned to love deeper, to move on, to grant others "grace cards", to breathe deeper, to laugh longer, to look at the bright side and to persevere even when the world doesn't seem to believe in us. I loved who you were when we first met at FUGE three years and four months ago, and I love who you are now at this very moment and who you are becoming day by day. I cannot wait to see how God continues to write our love story together. And I want you to know that I wouldn't trade our love, our hard times or our abundantly joy-filled times together for anything in the world! Truly, I wouldn't.

I love you with the intensity of stars, fisher!

So, here's to the next three years and beyond...

~ Always, Red


  1. This is incredibly sweet! I am so blessed to watch you all grow in your relationship from afar. Your admiration and love for each other is apparent. May God continue to bless your relationship. <3 you Sarah!

  2. Ya'll are adorable and romantic and dramatic and poignant and honest and oh-so-swoonworthy. :)

  3. This is so sweet, Sarah!! Oh my goodness. <3 Congratulations on three years together! :)


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