happy birthday to you . . .

wowzers, love. today is your twenty-third birthday! and on your birthday you should absolutely know just how much i love you - yes you, the very man who stole my heart over three years ago now, and continues to steal it away from me again every single day! 

as tradition would have it, this is usually the part of the birthday post where i list "things" about you that i love or remember quite fondly, but this time around i thought i'd just write you a letter.

Dear Love,
I am so unbelievably proud of who you are, and of who you are becoming - yes, still. This past year has been such a greatly challenging one for you; for us both. In your twenty-second year you roughed it out in the big city, job hunted like a mad man, moved across the state, landed an awesome full time job, started writing your kaiju novel more seriously, and also successfully celebrated our three year dating anniversary. While this past year has held plenty of ups and down for us, I honestly wouldn't trade it for anything. God has been so mightily moving in you, Jared - as I always knew He would from the moment I met you - because you are faithful to believe Him for everything, past, present and future. You inspire me daily to live a life deeper in Him.

Thank you for being completely genuine always, whether you're outstandingly quiet and methodical or nerd-ranting or otherwise, etc . . . and yes, that genuine-ness includes those very times when I roll my eyes at your genuine-self because you are way too insanely goofy, sir. Your sense of humor is beyond charming - and I guess I should thank your father for that - and your mother for lending a hand in passing down the genes for your immensely handsome watery blue-grey eyes that have bewitched me, body and soul. 

Thank you for always being my fragile-heart-embracer, my faithful forever-love, my faith strengthener, my steadfast shoulder to cry on, my constant encourager, my peace-bringer, my perspective unveiler, my smile bringer, and ultimately, the man who inspires me to breathe in deep and to live beautifully every single day! I cannot imagine this world without you in it - because you make life extraordinarily, inexplicably, wonderfully-weird in the most smashing of ways, handsome-love! And I love you for you - right now and forever.

To quote the Lumineers . . . I belong with you, you belong with me. You're my sweetheart.

And with all that said, I must now wish you the happiest of birthdays and head to dream-land!

Love Always,
Your Redbird

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