Quotes from Life After Art + Book Giveaway

Monday I wrote a book review on the newly released book Life After Art, and today I have the honor of sharing some lovely quotes (click here to see more graphic art + quotes from Life After Art) and a book giveaway with you! A big shout out to the author, Matt Appling, and Moody Publishers for sponsoring this giveaway! Enter below for a chance to win your very own copy of Life After Art:

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Pea Ess . . .

If you purchase your own paperback copy of Life After Art, simply email your receipt to LifeAfterArtBook{at}gmail{dot}com to get the Life After Art deluxe ebook, and the Life After Art Field Guidedesigned to help you get the most out of the book, as well as The Art of Storytelling.

Happy Reading! And good luck to all who enter into the book giveaway!


  1. Writing and photography have become my main form of art, my outlets for creating beauty. Thanks for hosting, Sarah!

    PS. By mistake, I signed up through my brother's Facebook. So anything that says Abiel actually means Jemimah, if you get what I mean.

  2. This sounds like such a neat book, my friend! I've been recently re-discovering some creative outlets & they are just a de-stresser, make me happy & they're productive!

  3. So I didn't answer the "Leave a Blog Post comment" for 2 additional entries question...
    I create art by: no.1: writing//fiction//blogging
    no.2:crocheting//afghans, mostly
    no.3:while I have yet to start a quilt, I am ceaselessly inspired by the art of quilting & have much fabric stashed away for upwards of 6 quilts! =D

  4. Thanks for this giveaway! After I read your review of the book, I really wanted to read it!

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  6. I'm still trying to see how I create beauty...Right now, it's just through my writing, I think.

  7. I'm really hoping to get the chance to read this, sounds so lovely!

  8. I create beauty by letting God move my fingers and lips.

  9. I create beauty by sewing and stitching. :) Thanks for the giveaway- this book sounds really interesting!


  10. I create beauty by capturing moments and collecting words.

  11. I loved your review AND I loved watching your face light up last night as you talked about this book! :) Best endorsement ever.

    Hmmm, let's see, how do I create beauty? By writing, by laughing, by putting on pink lip gloss, by smiling at classmates who; don't smile back, by pondering the depth of the pond on campus and delighting in the beauty God has given the world around me. :)


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