Remiss No More!

Sorry, I have been remiss in writing any blogs recently...or posting any of my blog's readers' comments! I have been very busy, trying to stay busy.

I took a mini vacation back to my home-town to spend time with "Lyn-Love," who is like a second Mother to me, and "Homer," who is like a younger brother to me. I probably spent way too much time on the internet at their home playing W.O.W. with my Bubby, and messing around with my myspace page.
I was able to go back and visit my old church...and even run into a few old friends!
Now that I am back home I am getting ready to go on the job hunt...and I am also looking forward to starting a bible study on the Book of Galatians with my best gal pals Hannah and Nikki! :)
I will try earnestly to better the reputation of myself as a 'fellow blogger!' I am in the midst of working on a story called "Blue, Purple, & Scarlet" (working title) inspired by reading the Book of Exodus.
I should also probably let you all know that I have NOT stopped writing poetry...I just haven't been posting any! I have written over a hundred poems...and I cannot even begin to fathom sitting down and typing them all out on my blog bare with patient time you will see more of them!
--Bridgette! lol...

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  1. We had a great time too! And I look forward to the Exodus story!


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