Truth Seen Untrue

Here I am, wounded and broken.
Feeling rejection from many a soul.
To where can I run, to where can I go?
These false conjectures, and twisted truths,
have separated many a person.
I have only ever told the truth, so how am I
to be punished for what I have not done?
Many a line is now dissevered, cut away from
those I used to hold dear.
They throw me down under false accusations,
untrue, blinded only by what they want to see
and hear.
How could things have gone so awry when only
half truths have been uttered from their lips?
Truth has yet to be told, but will not get it's chance.
For they will believe only what they want to believe,
all the truth uttered from my lips aloud would be
thrown out like chaff into the wind.
Half told truths, askewed, and thrown in my
face...they try to cause me disgrace.
I shall not be shaken, by the lies of their making.
My feet shall not falter as I stand in truth.
Now the bond between them and I die...forced
to let go and move on from them.
I now stand steadfast ready to make this pained
heart mend.
(Psalm 16:7-11)

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  1. Sarah.. This really blesses me. I am really glad to know you are searching His ways to find your comfort which you know will only be given from Him anyway. I love you sweet young daughter.


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