I thank you all so much, who know what I have been dealing with and going through the last few months! Your prayers have meant everything to me, God and every one of you have been my life preserver, keeping me afloat.

Sometimes our joy is lost...sometimes that joy was too heavily set upon how other people make you feel. We should be joyful because our King has set us free from death!

We cannot let people take our joy away, if we remain in the midst of trials and tribulations we will somehow find joy once again. To not live joyfully, even if we are in a non-joy-filled-rutt is an injustice to our Creator and the sacrifice of His son Jesus Christ.

I am now finding my joy through Christ, and not others! I have been humming this lovely melody ("Joyfully" by: Kari Jobe) in my head all day long...and so I felt I must share my heart with my readers.

Here are a sampling of the lyrics from Joyfully:

"Joyfully I lift my voice in praise to Thee. With Heaven watching over me I raise my hands up high. Your majesty gently washes over me...makes my heart begin to sing...Joyfully.

No shadow ever shall I fear. Your peace my heart will know, my cup it overflows. Your goodness chases after me. Your mercy and Your grace will be my dwelling place."


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