My First Interview

I had my first job interview... ever...yesterday. It did not go so least I think it didn't go that well. Strike one: I handed in my application...and immediately the manager put her elbows on the counter leaned in and asked me "So why should I hire you...why would you wanna work here?" I answered "I need a job really bad. I am personable, timely and very organized...I could organize all of this (looking around the store to make my point) really well.

Then she looked me up and down and said "How's your fashion sense?" (I already felt weird because her wandering eyes gave me the once over...obviously I hadn't worn the appropriate interview attire.) In my defense I didn't know I was going to be having an interview right then and there, I thought I was just gonna hand in the application and be called for an interview later!!! I can hear my Momma's voice right now saying, yet again, "What's the family motto...Sarah?" and of course I answer her yet again "Tojours Pret!" Our family's crest motto reads (translated from French to English) "Alway's Ready!" I am not "Alway's Ready," and so I will have to add that to the things to do list...alway's be at the ready.

I said "I don't really take too much from what the current trends are, I like to wear different random peices, more earthy and artsy. I don't really like to wear what's always necessarily 'in.'" And that was strike number two in the manager's least I would think it was. Hello! I am applying at a clothing store...of course I have to know something about fashion...which I do not. I just dress how I dress, and that's that.

One of the parent's of the children I sit for (tonight after I babysat) after hearing about my interview said "Well, that was one bad interview...but there will be plenty more...probably one hundred bad ones to every one good'll do fine just keep on trying!" (Thanks Mr. Zo!) (I am seriously thanking joking here.)

First of all my confidence was lacking...for unknown reasons...and I was ill at ease during my talking to the manager. I did manage to not do my uber nervous tick (which is to stroke upward at the back of my hairline on the left side.) I have been praying about this so hard...and even if the manager calls me back saying that I have the job, I am not so sure I should take it. I know it sounds c-r-a-z-y because I really need a job badly, but I know that God will work on the heart of whomever I am supposed to work for!

I have a suspicious feeling in my heart, and gut. I am not at peace with how the interview went, nor am I at ease with the manager...I got bad vibes from her. No, I do not believe in that hoodoo-voodoo stuff, but I myself am a very sensitive and discerning individual...think prophetic.

So I guess I will hit the streets some more...more bad interviews to come or not. My God will be with me wherever I go...and so I will walk in faith...keep on keeping on. Discerning heart and mind at the ready!

The Job Hunter

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