What Lies Hidden

  • My purpose lies hidden, so deep within. What will lead me towards what lies hidden...I wonder? How will I know where to begin to search for what lies hidden within me?

  • In the Lord. In patient time. If I abide shall I see everything clearly defined? I believe I will draw the purposes of myself out...from the deep waters of my stormy heart.

  • I'm confused, battered and bruised, scared to even try to make a move. The tide is drawing me in for the kill. Will I arise from it all...to glimpse a new beginning?

  • Your purposes will prevail, oh Lord, please comfort me! I feel like I am drowning beneath...beneath these fears and this anger. I need help Lord; drawing out the purposes you have placed within my heart.

  • Help me to seek you out, and find what is hidden within. Guide me into still waters, lead me out of the deep...your purposes shall prevail!

(Proverbs 19:21 & 20:5 & 24)

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  1. Isiah 43:2
    I love you Sarah. Thanks for being so transparent and sharing your sweet spirit.


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