The Restless Wanderer

  • "You my friend are a restless wanderer of the earth"...I think to myself.
  • It seems as if I've been hiding from Your presence God...I cannot explain what made me act this way. I am only a restless wanderer, with fear and anxiety gnashing at my heels.
  • I am a restless wanderer who is lost out in the dark...where's the light? it's slipped away.
  • I am a restless wanderer who searches her desires out aimlessly, but is left out in the cold with no compass to guide her.
  • I am a restless wanderer, now fallen down to her knees...bring me oh Lord guidance and peace!
  • Satan's been on the prowl, a Tiger after my mind and heart. The Mighty Lion guards my mind and day and by night. His roar, sending shockwaves, that deafen and diminish Satan's hold over my life!
  • Even when my heart layeth on the ground confused and ripped assunder...You, God, pick it up in Your hands and make it anew.
  • I am not a lone wanderer...for all who wander are not lost.
  • God you have always been there waiting silently for me to stumble out of the dark wilderness and into your camp and fortress.
  • I am no longer a restless wanderer for I no longer wander aimlessly. My steps are now purposeful and not for naught.

(Hebrews 11:38-40) "All who wander are not lost." -J.R.R. Tolkien

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