Road Trip

I'm back!!! I took a rather unplanned-random-spur-of-the-moment-trip with my friends Hannah and Jeanie to Anniston, Alabama. We were talking on the phone and they said "Hey, you wanna go to Alabama this weekend?" and I said "Okay, sure, I guess I need to go get packed!" then they said "Okay we will be there in 30 minutes."

So they drove up in my driveway I threw my small suitcase into the trunk of the Chevy Cavalier Coupe, hopped in the car, and buckled up for my random road trip. On the way there it was mostly just Jeanie and I talking, because Hannah had passed out in the back seat. Boy was it a fun trip...and so very interesting too!

We got there around 5 o'clock pm. (mind that on Friday I relived an hour of my life because of the time zone change.) Then we met Hannah's grandpa Carl at a restaurant called the "Fried Tomato." I am totally in love with Fried Green Tomato's now! I could eat a barrel full!!! After dinner we headed to Hannah's grandparents' house where later on her aunt Missy and cousin Kennedy showed up. We all piled up atop one bed and started laughing and talking our mouths and ears off. We teased Jeanie for a lil while about how when she got her hair cut about a month ago she looked like the boy on the "Dutch Boy Paint Can." You wouldn't believe how many "Dutch" jokes you can make!!! :) Hehe! Jeanie, Missy and Kennedy all left the room so Hannah and I could go to sleep and Jeanie peered around the door to say "You had better lock your door unless you wanna go jogging around the track at 3 am!" So Hannah and I locked the door...and sure enough around 3 or 4 am Mr. carl came a jiggling on the door handle trying to wake us up to make us go jogging with him. It was hysterical!

So I can't sleep right...I am laying on my stomach and turn my head from the left side to the right side and Hannah's nose just about hit mine...she was laying really close to me and she was using my pillow instead of hers! So I never went back to sleep after waking up at five am that morning...instead I just layed in the bed and thought a lot...four and a half hours of random thinking to be exact...and then our day started.

I was sitting on the couch in my pajamas when Mr. Carl came up to me grasped my arm and said "Come on with me!" I had no idea what I was in for. Mr. Carl took me into the back yard held out three BB guns and said choose your weapon (keep in mind I have never shot with anything before...or at anything.) So I chose my weapon, Carl showed me how to load it rather quickly then he began to walk off while talking and said "Just aim and shoot over there near that tree at them hanging christmas ornaments!" So I proceeded to shoot and then miss and then shoot and then miss again the shining spherical targets over and over again. ...when finally I made contact...I shot the "hello-kitty" out of one of the hanging 2 1/2 inch christmas ornaments.

Us girls lollygagged around for a few hours until lunch time and then we got our makeup on and our hair ready to go out and face the town of Anniston! First we headed to the outlet malls...they looked for dresses as I merely sat back quietly and watched the Alabamian people of America...studying them as I walked around. Then we managed to find our way to the mall....only after stopping at Wendy's. After going to the mall, and me purchasing a hoodie from American Eagle we went to go eat AGAIN (only like 2 hours later mind you from when we ate Wendy's) at the Fried Tomato restaurant.

That night us girls just goofed off, told stories, laughed a lot, watched Iron Chef on the Food Network (Poor Bobby Flay didn't win!) and then I, about to shlump over on the couch, managed somehow to walk down the hall and toss my tired worn body into bed...only to dream...and hear that door handle jiggle again Sunday morning at 3 am! :)

I ate Lucky Charms for breakfast, packed my bags, and then we all ate at a BBQ joint for lunch...then us girls hit the road...only after stopping at the TCBY where us 3 gals got lemon custard yogurt in waffle cones. Heaven I tell you...Heaven!!!

Well there are many details I left out of this blog...guess ya'll will never!

-Random Traveler

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