My Hiding Place

  • I need you to hide me; feels like it's me against the world. Hidden in the shadow of your wings I want to be!

  • This soul of mine wants to be set free...I can be within your loving arms. I seek you, come now, hide me away. Be my hiding place.

  • It's you, My Saviour, where I've come now to hide...I've somehow been remade, reborn, consecrated, made anew and come alive.

  • Speak, speak aloud to me. Tell me "It's okay, you don't have to cry, dry your eyes. Come now within my child and hide. Look in the mirror...I am there inside!"

  • You're all I need to help me see. God your love's so amazing! You hide me within...and a passion begins to light my soul aflame. I am dying to self and living alive in Christ.

  • I'm ready now, to break free. Your reflection is all I long to be. Speak to me, speak through me. Hidden within your love, I'm ready to stand again!

  • You alone are the place I become encompassed in grace and are my hiding place!

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