Mocked & Hated...You First

  • Remember my daughter, you were meant to live set apart. When left all alone, so cold in the solemn dark...alone for the actions proceeded of by your pure heart...know that I am there.
  • The road is long and narrow, winding and time consuming. You may feel lonely and unloved, but the journey is worth it, even if you must endure it alone in the world. Snares, along the way to me will test you and try you, but do not give up hope!
  • By faith in your walk you will surely make way through these treacherous paths. I the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.
  • Remember when you are mocked and hated...they mocked me and hated me also...first.

  • I died for you though noone else would. So do not waver as the world tells you constantly not to die to self alongside me.
  • Darling, dare to follow me no matter where I lead! I love you endlessly!
(Joshua 1:9)

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