Beautiful Jasper

This is one of the many random poems I have penned down in my journal after reading and studying many a hour through the Scriptures (Revelation ch. 21.) This passage, to me, was so beautiful and poignant. Beauty comes to us through Christ our King, not our wealth, prestige, or our outter adornments. God's Church...which is not contained within the confines of four walls...but rather the Church is within each and every one of us! To God our being HIS Church is the most precious jewel of all! (Written below is my randomness:)

  • Stone of jasper, adornment of are of the finest of royalties. Where is the glory of you... found within?
  • Within this shattered world, or unfailing love?
  • Honey and oil, linen and silk, all will fade away in the fullness of time. Yet your glory through me will remain intact and unscathed.
  • Such are the earthly and wealth, turn away from them and face only "I Am."
  • I hold the key to eternal glory, no one can enter the kingdom except through me, the Son.
  • Be as thine Church in Jerusalem...her brilliance like very costly stone, as stone of crystal-clear jasper. Your heart shall remaineth pure!

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