Like a rocking chair...

"Worry is like a rocking gives you something to do, but it doesn't get you anywhere." This is the quotable wisdom of my beautiful Momma. She may have heard it from someone else...but I have heard it from her many a time.

I love that my Momma...even though I am sure she wants to rip her hair out sometimes, because I am such an introvert...still manages to pray over me, share quotes with me, and her unconditional love...even when I get snippy and yell at her. (I apologized for the yelling at her today...I was really stressed out about turning in my applications...still that is by no means any semblance of an excuse!)

Today I put my faith in God. I finally got up the courage...and went to put in a couple of applications. I do not know what will happen with my applications, but I have got to let go of the frustration and gets me nowhere! (Matthew 6:25-27 & 34)

"Off her rocker"

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