"Wait On Me"

"Wait on me, I call to thee. Please seek me out...I want your whole heart! For all of your attention, darling, I seek."

"You go through hard times my dear, and I am here...you call me in. You begin to feel like your feet are on solid ground once again, and then you seem to retreat from me. Why do you run daughter, from my loving arms?"

"Lord my silly efforts to save myself never turn out quite as planned. I need you God! You and You alone can save me from myself."

"You are never finished with me...your daughter...you wait upon my sincere calling. You show mercy and grace, even to one as I who is so undeserving!"

You say, "For the Lord is a God of justice. Blessed are all who wait for him!" So here I am, once again, your daughter in waiting!
~Isaiah 30:15 & 18~

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