Keys, among other things

Today I started teaching a new piano student. I can tell already that Alaythea is musically inclined and will pick up the piano very quickly! I am so excited to teach piano lessons every Thursday. Thursday's have become my favorite day of the week because they are filled with a culmination of two of my favorite things: music and teaching. The first piano lesson for me and my students always seems to be a 'nervous' one, but every time I have taken on a new student we always conquer it, me with curbing my teaching style to best suit the student and the student to getting comfortable with the 'black and whites.'

You know here's a crazy pipe dream of mine, that I thought I'd just throw out there......I have always wanted to write songs. I have one poem that I transitioned into song lyrics a while back and I have yet to try to write any music to go along with the lyrics, but I need to purpose myself to try to do it! I owe myself that much at try to write a song of my long last! I have helped a few old friends of mine write a few lines in a few songs, although I was not credited, and doubt I ever will be, and I'll just have to be okay with that I guess. I really wish I could  write a song....even just one....all by myself!

Anyway....haven't posted on here in a while have I? My head has been going so fast at full speed non stop that I haven't been able to come up with any one particular thing to post about. It's been a long week, what with having some highlights and lowlights. I got into a car accident, got a ticket, cut my hair off to my shoulders, started teaching a new piano student, and tonight after work I will arrive home to my wonderful boyfriend waiting to see me! There are gonna be brighter days ahead in my future....I foresee them....and it is so great to know that I hold the 'rudder' but God is most definitely Captain of my 'life' ship!
-Daughter of the King
PS: I'll try to get some photos up of my momma, my sissy and I with all of our new hairstyles later this evening.


  1. I hope I pick up piano quickly! I'm practicing hard already! Lol! I think you are a great teacher.....I don't have the patience! Glad you are getting to spend some time with your bf. And yes, you should write a song. Writing a song makes you feel, well, great! I've written a lot of them but I seem stuck and "dried out" lately! Hoping piano will be the inspiration I need! Thanks for teaching me!

  2. Are you ok after the car accident? I mean I know that you are posting and all, but a girl at dance got in a car accident and for several days was extremely pale and still came to dance.

    Teaching piano sounds like fun! I have "piano fingers" as everyone calls them, but I am not very good with instruments. lol!


  3. Yes, Maggie, I am doing okay after my car accident. I am feeling fine....really there wasn't but a few scratches on my car, a dent, and some paint missing on the front of the bumper. I have one bruise on my shoulder from where the seat belt caught my shoulder, but other than that I'm pretty good. I am not thrilled about having to pay that ticket off that I got, but the Lord will provide I am sure!

    I absolutely LOVE teaching piano lessons. I too have long bony pale white piano fingers! I always have. The piano, and my voice are about the only instruments I can play/use and do so very well. lol

    Thanks for asking about me Maggie!

  4. AnonymousJune 14, 2010

    Thats funny because my piano lessons are on Thursdays too =)
    Good luck with teaching Alaythea...not that you'll need it.

    Your Friend,

  5. Mylena:
    Thursday's are great days...especially for piano lessons! lol Thanks for the well wishes!


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