Some Free Thinking

"When God is personally present, a living Spirit, that old, constricting legislation is recognized as obsolete. We're free of it! All of us! Nothing between us and God, our faces shining with the brightness of His face. And so we are transfigured much like the Messiah, our lives gradually becoming brighter and more beautiful as God enters our lives and we become like Him."
~2 Corinthians 3:17-18~ (The Message Bible)

An idea struck me this morning, after I finished reading my devotion and my friend Alaythea's blog (Rock 'N' Roll Hideaway). I read this scripture verse, and I also read Alaythea's blog entry entitled 'The Heart of Life'...and some serious thoughts started flowing, and some synapses were connecting...can you say 'light bulb moment'? lol

Everything I thought that I was supposed to have in my life has been revealed as 'constricting legislation'...'worldly' rules that I thought I had to follow...things that I thought I had to run after and seek out up until this year. The things I thought I had to seek were things like pursuing and hoping that I would have a large group of friends, and expecting them to be 'true' and 'perfect.' Number one: very seldom is it that you actually find a 'true' friend other than Christ, your family and your other half (yes, Jared, I'm talking about you right now.) Number two: Nobody is perfect except Christ! 

God says when He is the 'Best Friend' that is ever present and continually invited into our lives by us daily that He will set us FREE! I know it is indeed true that our lives will become brighter when we seek His face out of the sea of worldly faces that surround us and vie for all of our attention. I know this is true because I had a large group of friends last wanna know how many of them are still my friends...who have stuck around and have held me when I was broken? None. God has been there the whole time for me...He never left my side. For a while I was kind of mad at God. I thought "Why in the world Lord would you move me from my hometown where I loved my life and I had friends? Why would you move me to an unknown territory, where I would make a lot of new friends after a loooong while and then they would all turn on me?

I have even thought "What is God teaching me...telling me?" I think I have figured all of this out now... God moved me so that I would depend on no one other than Him and so that I would finally learn to stand on my own two feet a bit. God gave me friends in my new town to help sharpen me and mold me into a much stronger and bold young woman for Him. The reason they turned on me...well at long last I finally realize that it had nothing and everything to do with me! 

Let me explain... Me losing all of the friends I made here had nothing to do with me, in the fact that 'my friends' chose not to be transparent, they chose not to stick by me when I needed them the most, they gossiped about me behind my back, they lied to my face, and they used me to their own advantages because I let them...blindly. Me losing my friends had 'everything' to do with me also, in the fact that God has used all of that negativity in my relationships that I had with all of 'my friends' to strengthen me into a woman who can think for herself, speak up for what she wants in life and for what is longer being trampled upon because I have found myself in the midst of all of the chaos of last years 'friend wars.'

It is really hard for me to accept the fact that 'kindred spirits' are really hard to come by these days, because I consider myself to be just that, a kindred spirit. I do not come across as an overly talkative, bubbly and friendly person at first, and that is simply because I am testing the waters with you. I am reserved and quiet, and I am kind and steadfast. If you have ever heard the phrase 'There's something rotten in the State of Denmark' well then you should know that that saying accurately describes my personality. I am naturally suspicious of others and their intentions by nature. I am cautious and careful about the friends I choose to surround myself with and of whom I decide to spend my time with. 

When I do choose to pursue a relationship with a 'potential friend' it is in the hopes of a 'forever friend.' I do not like the 'fair weathered' type of friend and I cannot stand people using people for a while until they are done with them. I want a friend who is focused on God, who will sharpen me, who will make me laugh, who will be transparent with me and who will stand steadfast beside me. Who could such a friend be? I can list a few for you that I know are truly there for me as friends in my own life....Jesus sissy......Jared.....Lynette...

I am learning that my "BEST ENDLESS FRIEND" IS JESUS CHRIST. I have been blessed to have had many different friends pass through my life throughout the different seasons that I have been through, and I thank HIM alone for each and every friendship that I was a part of, because even if the friendship didn't last, or it was mostly one sided I know that God put me and that 'friend' there together for a reason....even as iron sharpens iron. 

I am an authentic friend...a forever friend. I seek to be that friend that 50 years from now you will remember me ever so fondly, or are still in contact with. I thank God that I have seen that all I need to do with the time that has been given me is to seek Him out and to love my family, and my boyfriend who HE brought into my life at just the right moment. I thank HIM that I have wonderful jobs which I love working at with all of my heart, mind, and strength! I get to work with 'little blessings' all day long every day at the Preschool, and I also get to share my love of music with my piano students weekly. 

Lord I thank you for the 'new friends' that are in my life right now, whether they are the 'forever' sort or not. 
-Daughter of the King


  1. Good message Sarah. It is true, many friends will come and go.... some born of God.. some perhaps not. But the awesome thing is that God will use it all to produce a gem in you. Be thankful, be careful with full trust and expectations.. or should I say be careful that people (humans) WILL let you down! Love people, trust God! Sometimes we deal with people in our lives that we may be friends with for a season.. then no more. Which may leave us bewildered. But the truth is.. we do not know the issues with each of those persons, why the responded the way they did, why they did the things they did.. but the bottom line is.. all that matters as far as you are concerned is HOW YOU RESPOND! I think God is proud of you, continue to trust Him, and love them (people) like He would have you to do! I love you girl! Thanks for tidying up your room for me just in case...

  2. After reading this post I had one of those "light bulb moments" that you mentioned. I so needed this post today, thanks for sharing.

    I am following your blog, I would love if you stopped by my blog and followed me. :)


  3. You're soooo welcome Maggie! I am glad that God could use me to shine himself through to you! :-D

  4. I've said this a million times already...but I love the way God works. He's brought such beauty into your life, but He needed to get rid of the ugliness first!

    And I firmly believe that earthly best friends who strengthen one's faith in Jesus are out there; I have two! Just pray for them...only it looks like you don't need them :)

    God bless.


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