Worth More Than A Million Canaries

"What's the price of a pet canary? Some loose change right? And God cares what happens to it even more than you do. He pays even greater attention to you, down to the last detail--even numbering the hairs on your head! So don't be intimidated by all this bully talk.You're worth more than a million canaries."
~Matthew 10:29-31 (The Message)

To get myself back on track with doing my daily devotions I have once again picked up Rebecca St. James' wonderfully written book "Pure: A 90-Day Devotional for the Mind, the Body & the Spirit" and I've been using it daily to read scripture. (Rebecca St. James is sooo much more than just a talented music artist, but she is truly a talented devotional writer as well!) It is really hard for me to just open up my Bible, and to start randomly reading scripture while really trying to focus and get something out of the biblical text without guidelines and how-to's. I need a laid out map for devotions basically. (I am so ADD...not diagnosed, but I have a hard time paying attention without getting heavily distracted...so much so that I cannot focus on what is within the text if I have to solely count on myself to dive into the scriptures and reap something of worth and note from it at all.) For myself, I need a set schedule, a devotional book, or even a sermon to study and read throughout the week (or listen to one on my i-Pod) so that I stick to doing daily devotions.  

Although I have read through "Pure" before I figured why not?  I have also changed a lot as a young woman since the last time I have read my way through the book, so I thought that since I've changed personally, the meaning, and what I learn from the book will be very different this go around. That's the theory...well see!

Today's scripture/devotion was about how we, as children of the King, are regarded and valued so highly by HIM...even over a million canaries (we are valued more than birds!) Also the scripture directs us in our walk of faith not to worry over things, from the big scary situations in life (like having our faith possibly tested, and or swayed in an Anthropology class...just one example), to the small things in life (like "When am I gonna find the time to get around to going to the Post Office today, because I want to get this mailed to someone whom I love dearly...but can I find the time to do this for him? *Yes*) In the scripture we see that we are WORTHY, and that we are called not to WORRY because God will be our worth within us and HE will take care of everything in our lives so there is no need to worry that HE alone will not feed into our spiritual lives and protect us from the Enemy!

Sometimes how I perceive myself is this: that I am less than, unattractive, unworthy of HIS blessing me, I am selfish, and I can act spoiled etc... I only wish that some days when I feel really down and just plain less than everyone else in all areas of my life that I would realize that I AM ONE OF HIS FLOCK. Like the scripture says...I am worth more than the 'canaries'/birds of the air. They do no worry, so why should I because they know they will be tended to and that they will be fed daily even if they cannot see how it will possibly come to fruition. 

I am a beautiful bird. YOU are a beautiful bird too! I can take flight...but I have got to learn to glimpse my 'God-worth' within myself instead of just only ever seeing my own seemingly-tried-and-failed-many-times-to-have-found-it-within-me 'self-worth'. Without HIM I am nothing, and I can accomplish nothing. With HIM I can 'fly' without a worry or a care as to whether or not I am worthy of HIM and HIS great love, because I know HE's there!

Seeking for my God-worth to overcome my self-worth,
-Daughter of the King

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