Momma, Mary and I went out today and went shopping (with our Momma) to get Momma something for Mother's Day. Mary and I both bought Momma a pair of earrings...and Mo and I got a pair for ourselves too of course! I love my new 'Purple Albalone Shell' earrings...they are simply beautiful...not to mention the shells that they are made of are found  in the Pacific Ocean which is just way cooleo! (Yes, the glasses are new too.)

After our girls time out today I got home and found that I had received a lovely birthday card from Lynette. Thank you Lyn-Love, you must've known that I love i-tunes cards as much as I love little owls on aqua b-day cards!!! Thanks for the sweet b-day wishes...love ya bunches!

-Daughter of the King


  1. Oh iTunes cards are always a perfect gift!!! I can't get enough of them. And your earrings are darling! I rarely change mine, I just keep silver hoops in both holes - I should change it up more I guess!!! I hope you have a fabulous birthday!!!

  2. Awe! You are very welcome! I also had a subscription of Rachel Ray Every Day that is being sent to your home for a year! Happy Birthday!!! I love you

  3. Thanks Alaythea! I am sure I will have an awesome birthday...can't wait until it's here! :-P

    Thanks so much, again, Lyn-Love! I cannot wait to get the Rachael Ray Mags!!! love you too! :-D

  4. I love your glasses, they really are so cute! and that card is presh! :))


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