4 Birthdays & 5 Mother's To Celebrate

We drove quite a few hours yesterday to take a day trip to celebrate 4 birthdays and 5 mothers on Mother's Day at my Papaw and Mamaw's house. The birthdays: Emily (my cousin-in-love), Patrick (my cousin), Don (my uncle) and my birthday as well. The Mother's: Franziska (my momma), Mamaw, Aunt Robin, Aunt B, and Emily. We all had such a wonderful time celebrating the birthdays as well as the mother's all on the same day. Playing, laughing, eating, and celebrating outside in the gorgeous weather yesterday with all of my loved ones was such a blessing of a time. I wouldn't trade my wonderful loving awesome family for the world!
Mark (my daddy)
Trey (my cousin)
Trey (in the background/cousin) & Jackson (my 2nd cousin)
Patrick (my cousin/b-day boy) grilling out...
Me & Kayla (my cousin)
Emily (Cousin-in-love) & 'Buffy' (my 2nd cousin)

Cooking out...
Me opening b-day gifts...

Victorian looking suitcases...
Elizabeth (2nd cousin) & Sarah (Me)
Papaw, Sarah (b-day girl) & Mamaw
Me 'n' my cousin Packy! Our b-days are 9 days apart...
I had received a Cracker Barrel Gift Card as one of my gifts, and so on the way home we stopped there last night and I ran in and bought this teapot for $9.00! ...and the spoon rest too of course! :-)

These old Grace Livingston Hill books were my Great Grandmother Ruby's and she loved them dearly. Now that she has passed away they were given to me, and now they will grace my bookshelves with memories, beauty and love of old.

...and so my 21st birthday is officially tomorrow...and I cannot wait!
-Daughter of the King


  1. Emily StokesMay 10, 2010

    Great pictures! I'm glad you guys arrived home safely and........Happy Birthday Eve!

  2. I hope you have a great day tomorrow!

  3. Thanks Emily.....glad we got home safe too!

  4. Happy birthday tomorrow, girl! What an exciting one at that...it sounds like it's off to a great start!!!! Now I'm dying for it to be August and my birthday!!! Lol!

  5. Thanks Alaythea! It is off to a great start, at that. I can't wait to see all of your birthday *hints* and what you'd like for your birthday on your blog in August! Lol! :-P


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