Momma's Day

First of all, I love my Momma (Franziska) with all of my heart! She has helped me to become the young woman that you all see (read) before you.  We have laughed. We have cried. We have fought. We have shared joy. We have each other's love. My momma has my heart and I have hers.

Thank you Momma for always pushing me into the direction you knew I needed to be headed in in life...even if I pushed against you the whole way through. I wouldn't be the young woman that I am right now, if it weren't for you molding me and pressing into me in the way that you have done throughout my whole life. I love you because...

You've given me everything, sacrificed everything, and given me everything that your loving heart has to offer...and for that I owe you everything! 

You are my fellow goober, and the source of my inherited humoresque ways in life. We can always laugh...just me and you and it doesn't matter if anyone else in the world gets it or not and I love it! *So she says bazinga and stretches her arm out to waggle fingers with ya!*

You've sacrificed spending time with daddy, getting to see him every night, and an outside career just so that you could stay home and school and take care of us girls and that HAS shaped me into who I am...thank you for all that you do!

I cannot say thank you enough...and I would write more, but Momma, you just walked in my room and asked me to go finish watching 'Little Dorrit' with you...and how can I say no to spending time with THE BEST MOMMA IN THE WORLD! I love you dearest!
With all my love,

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