My 21st Birthday

The flowers Jared got me for my 21st birthday....they're beautiful...and purple!
The coral colored roses are from my Grandma...she picked them on my birthday from her rose garden.
My AWESOME b-day cake that my sissy made for me!
Opening gifts from Jared's family (Pastor Robin, Tricia and Seth...thanks!)
Edward Cullen musical b-day card...can't go wrong there! lol
~Pink Mum Ring~

~Jared & The Birthday Girl~
Blowing out my candle.....making a wish...
Love love love my pretty cake!
Yeah, I know I am a total goober! Rofl!
~Mary & Me~

I will try to add some more photos to this blog entry later. I had some camera issues on my birthday, and so I will have to retake some photos of me and my gifts that I got, since the others didn't quite turn out like I'd have liked them to.
-Daughter of the King


  1. Ah, you got your Mum ring! It's so cute and of course the scrapbooking stuff looks awesome. You need to go with Mom and I to a scrapbook meeting. We just take all our stuff and share amongst ourselves and spend hours scrap booking! It's awesome!!!! I'm glad you had a great birthday!

  2. I sure did get my mum ring, and the amethyst necklace with the sparrow charm. I'd love to go with you and your mom to a scrapbook meeting...sounds like a lot of fun! I did have an awesome one in a while, actually.


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