Venom & Song....and Many Waters

Today I had a day date with the guy I love.We went to Mickey D's for lunch and then I went to one of my favorite places in my town...the music store. I got two new piano books for one of my students and then I also bought the scoring for 'New Moon' for myself. 
After lunch and the music store we headed on down the road to our ultimate destination...
We went to the sword shoppe and looked at all of the cool swords, and other various epic weaponry. We also went into a gem store and checked out all of the various collected curiosities. Then we headed to sit by the river in the mountains to sit on the rocks together...there we sat as we watched the many waters passing us by. :)
This is my boyfriend 'Farmer Fisher.' Goofing off in one of the many stores we graced with our lovely presence!
At the end of our (mine and J's) date day we drove back into my town and headed to the Family Christian Bookstore where I took a picture with a very nice lady, who was also very accommodating as well as super friendly. I bet you all were wondering why I have been posting things about the Amazon Blitz for 'Venom & Song' a lot lately weren't you? Well, I joined Wayne Thomas Batson and Christopher Hopper's Tribe Building II and the Amazon Blitz to help get the word out about their newest book....and to help my Tribe, Tribe Silvertree, out towards getting the word out about the books and also possibly gaining some cool prizes.

You can find more info about the Amazon Blitz and Wayne Thomas Batson HERE.

Reminiscing.....of many waters.....
-Daughter of the King


  1. Looks like you had a fun day! I'm glad you got to spend some time with your man.....

  2. Looks like a nice day! I don't think I have ever seen you wear a green top before, nice. Love and miss you Sarah~

  3. ahh thanks for sharing this with us! You guys look like a very sweet couple :) May the Lord bless your relationship (and help your tribe win some cool prizes haha)!

    all the best~

  4. Sounds like a great day :) I think I'll follow your blog now LOL (took me long enough eh?)

    And hey readers, anyone can join Tribe building :-)

  5. @Alaythea It was really nice getting to spend some quality time with the water!
    @Lynette I love and miss you too! The green is a new color I am trying to start wearing lately...also loving me some purple shirts! lol
    @Nikki Thanks!!!!!!!!!
    @Nathan It was a GREAT DAY! That's cool that you are a follower now! :)


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