Independence Day Weekend

Saturday (July 3rd):
I started my weekend out by spending time with my boyfriend, Jared. Jared took me out on a lovely date...(thanks J!) He took me out to lunch, and then he took me out to the movies to see The Last Airbender which we were both excited about going to see. I am a big M. Night Shyamalan fan, so I was ecstatic to see another brilliant film by the epic story teller/writer/director 'Shama-Lama!' I was not let down, in fact I was rather pleasantly surprised at just how much I loved the movie! I am one to love the obscure and seemingly 'un-lovable' films which most people hate though....I am just a set apart gal, what can I say!? I think perhaps being that I had never been introduced to the story line before there could have been some more detail/story telling elements added so that I could grasp the whole story and 'world of avatar' better but other than that Shymalan has not lost his brilliance in my eyes. If you'd like to read more of a 'review' on The Last Airbender head on over to Jared's blog (This Red Thread.)

Sunday (July 4th):
 Independence Day. My family (including Jared) and I headed out to the lake to spend the joyous Holiday of FREEDOM with our dear kindred spirit Dianna and her adorable dog Nugget. We got to Dianna's and then Jared, my sister Mary and I headed down to the boat slip to decorate the boat in all things red, white, blue and FESTIVE! I think J, Mo and I all did a wondyful job putting together the fourth decorations!

After decorating the boat we ate.....and boy oh boy did we all eat! Seeing as we had decorated the boat, and we all had eaten lunch we headed down to the boat to go out on the beautiful blue-green water for the July 4th Boat Parade 2010. We had a great time just driving the boat around, waving at the people along the shoreline, and just spending time as family and friends together out in the beautiful fourth weather.

The rest of our day, after the boat parade, was spent swimming in the lake, eating again and again, lounging out under the gazebo on the water and just talking with the loved ones. Later on that night we all got back on the boat and headed out to watch the fireworks that were set off on the shore from the middle of the lake....and it was simply MAGICAL!
I am gonna post a few of our pics from the fourth below.....
The view from the gazebo on the lake
Our festive boat
My sister Mary & I
Momma & Daddy
Grandma.....and Doggie Nugget
Jared & Sarah
Us with our silleh head gear
This is me and my family
Isn't love great?
I am loving Independence Day!!!
So how was your fourth...yes, I REALLY wanna know!
-Daughter of the King

P.S. I added in the unanswered movie quote trivia answers in my last blog entry. Check out the answers to my favorite films in my blog posting HERE.

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