You've Changed My Life Forever

{Jared & I on the last day of Fuge}
One year ago today I met my best friend and my love, Jared Fisher, for the first time. We met on July 6th, 2010, while we were both chaperoning for our church groups at Centrifuge. I remember getting into my car on the morning of July 6th, and I was wishing oh so badly that I could just bury my head in a dark deep hole and not fulfill my commitment of going along as chaperone with my church group. 

I am so glad I went to Fuge, because going there changed me in so many ways. I decided the day I went to Fuge, on the way there in our Church bus that I was going to speak up for myself and that I was going to try my darnest to put myself out there even if that meant that I was going to get torn down piece by piece like I had the day before I left for Fuge. Out of pain and loss, came joy and love. I will never regret going to Fuge, because that is where I met the man I love, oh so very dearly.

Memories of Fuge...
I remember coming down from my room at The Hall...walking outside towards the stairs of the building and then I saw Jared sitting in a rocking chair, sketch book in hand. Jared was intently focused upon his sketch book, determination was written all over his face as he held his mechanical pencil in his left hand, and there were some really loud kids standing very near to him. I noticed just how intense and handsome he was and how those noisy children seemed non-existent to him. I was curious about what was on the sketchbook paper, and I was curious about what was going on within this handsome guys heart at that very moment. "I want to know this guy more," I thought to myself as I walked off to go hike around the campus to clear my mind of all it's heavy burdens before our next group meeting.

I recall walking up to Rec Hill alongside Jared, painting our own faces with white 'war paint' along the way, for the Mega Relay. I wanted to stand by him, to walk with him, and get to know this handsome mysterious guy who was so intense....instantly spying him out of the group of College guys earlier during the week. I noticed that he was set apart and that I must get to know him....and so I began to.

On the last day of Fuge during our morning college class devotional time I made sure to sit at Jared's right side in the chair next to him. I asked him if I could get his e-mail address and.........the rest is history! After Fuge and 4 months of getting to know Jared as a friend through our daily e-mails back and forth to one another, and then falling head over heels for him, we began our relationship together. I thank the Lord daily for bringing Jared into my life in one of the darkest days of my life....through pain, endurance and boldness I truly bloomed and the Lord let love bloom into my life! I am SO GLAD I went to Fuge!!! :)
-Daughter of the King

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  1. thats really cute... happy anniversary!! (i prolly spelled that wrong i know...but its really late and my brain aint workin right.)lol


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