A Circle of Influence

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I thought I'd share just a few random thoughts that have been on my mind lately. Namely, being purposed and influencing others in our lives, so that they may see Him within us.

We all have a personal circle of influence whether we be sisters, brothers, daughters, sons, wives, husbands, employed, unemployed, collegiate students or students of life. We all have been purposed by the Lord, even though at times we may feel as though we inspire no one, and have seemingly not made a difference in the world daily when we go about our everyday, sometimes seemingly hum-drum lives. I am here to tell you that we all have a purpose...and we all have a circle of brothers and sisters to influence daily (believer's in Christ and non-believer's alike.)

Recently my momma and I were talking about one of my friend's recent blog entries in which she said I don't feel like I have much purpose some days. Immediately after reading my friend's blog entry I thought to myself "Gosh, Sarah, you feel the exact same way some days! You know you have a purposed life set forth by the King, but you fail to acknowledge it at times. You want to wallow in self pity sometimes....saying and believing that I feel 'so not purposed and tuned in' and like I don't really know who I am." Some days I feel the same way that my friend felt. I feel out of tune with what my purpose is in life.....with knowing who I am and if I really make a difference...mere little me. And if I don't know who I am, then how exactly am I supposed to influence others to Christ? 

There are those days when I feel as though time just keeps on passing me by and I haven't grown like I should've or that I haven't really made a difference at all, or even found out completely who I am yet in life. I struggle to see my purpose daily, and to understand who exactly I am really here on Earth to influence some days. I know there has to be a purpose, because God knitted me together in my mother's womb...so I know that I was purposed long ago, even when I fail to see it (purpose) within myself. Instead of searching to see what I can do, who I can influence in my life, I should let the Lord work through me and see who we can influence together!

I may not know who I will influence tomorrow, next week or even next year. I may not understand why the Lord has me where He does, currently stationed in my life, but I know that every moment is purposed.....every moment...they might be just what let's others glimpse Christ through me and my seemingly mundane life. It could be a smile shown, a kind word spoken, or even a good deed that goes without need of a thank you. God works in the small mundane things in life....while we are at work....while we are walking along the street....even while we are in Wal-Mart. 

Let Him work through you to influence your circle of people nearest you....and just maybe we'd begin to see that our seemingly drab boring everyday life can, and will, be used to His glory!
So how do we begin to find our purpose? I find that the best place to find purpose and peace from all emotional stress and feeling a lack of purpose is in the Word, in prayer and in a quiet moment with God. How do you get focused and recharged so that you can stand purposed and influence others in your daily life?

Here is a challenge that I am going to strive to live out daily, and I want you too as well. Look around you, trying to glimpse those people whom the Lord has placed you around daily in life and try to see Jesus' face within your circle.

-Daughter of the King

P.S. Here's one more thought...think about Abraham in the Bible when He asks the Lord if He could find but only 10 righteous people, would the Lord then spare the city of Sodom and Gomorrah (Genisis 18:16-33).  If Abraham had just spent his time pouring into the lives of his family (his close circle of influence)...just his family mind you... the city of Sodom and Gomorrah might have been saved. Our reach should strive to exceed that of only the circle of influence which is our relatives and close ones, but it's a great place to start...so then we can launch our influential righteous selves into the world wholeheartedly!


  1. It is very true that we can go through life and never know that we've touched anyone's life. I tend to always see the ones that I had a negative effect on not those that maybe were influenced for the positive by me. I guess because people don't thank people anymore for helping them to change. Everyone wants to believe they did it on their own and that no one helped them.....I have to remember to thank people who have influenced me in life!

  2. Just found your blog today, and I have enjoyed reading through your posts!

    It is amazing how many people actually look to us when we don't even realize it, and how much more so when we touch another person's life without our knowing. But He does know, and He is always watching.

  3. i have been working so hard on this the past year. it really makes you feel closer to God and just better in general! just getting your eyes off yourself..and putting them on others and what God wants you to do. great post!


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