Rachel's Photography Contest

I found out about this photography contest off of Miss Raquel's blog (God's Daughter.) Rachel is the one who is throwing this very cool photography contest though, and you can find out more info about her, the contest, or even how to enter into the contest, if you dare, at Rachel's Blog. I *Heart* taking photos so I thought I'd enter in a few of my own photos into the contest myself! 

Contest Rules:
You may only enter photos in that you yourself have taken.
You can enter up to 4 or 5 photos, and they can be edited.

How To Post:
Post the photos that you wish to enter on your blog, and then leave a comment on Rachel's blog with the link.
The contest ends on July 22nd.

(Isn't that simple?)

Here are my 5 entries below:

~Ardent Eyes~

~My, oh my! It's Miss Spider in my garden~

~Walking, 'Til The Sun Sets On Me~

~Withered Winter~

~Mountaintop Glory~

So which one of my photos is your favorite?
-Daughter of the King

P.S. -Thanks Rachel for doing this photography contest! 
I cannot wait to see all of the other photo entries up on your blog! BTW- I used Picnik to edit all of my photos. :)


  1. They are all Fantastic! The last one really caught my eye as I LOVE sillouettes!

  2. I think the withered winter is really cool, I like the title too!

  3. My personal favorite is the very first one. :) All of them are great tohugh.


  4. Cool! That spider is amazing.


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