"Unexpected" Update

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Thank you all so much for your prayers! My Mimi is doing much better than I thought she would be.....she seemed to be in pretty good spirits as far as I could tell today. She looked fairly well, despite her swollen legs and feet, her slightly pale complexion, looking a bit frail, and being strapped to a heart monitor. Honestly I've never been so happy to see her and to get to hug her and tell her that I loved her in all my life!

The Doctor came into the room today while we were there visiting my Mimi, and from what I understood from what the Doctor said there is not much that they can do at this point for her and her heart. They are running a heart stress test in the morning........really only to see if there is something that they have missed seeing thus far...or if there are any alternative treatments to help her poor heart out. For right now they are in the 'wait and see' mode, and they have given her different meds to take daily, and just today they put her on once a day insulin injections (which she was so not thrilled about) for her diabetes.

Really my Mimi needs to have bypass surgery done, but the doctor's are afraid of doing so because of the 4 blockages (narrowing of the heart valves) that are in her heart; the valves are not fully blocked however, but the particular places that the 'blockages' are in is in not in the most easiest of places to reach and fix without causing more damage to my Mimi and her heart...possibly. One of the blockages is in one of the valves at the back of the heart, where there is prior damage and scar tissue that was caused by her heart attack quite a while ago. 

There's a lot of scarring on her heart......and I pray that her heart holds up stronger for many years to come. The Doctor's may not be able to fix the damage that was done up until this point in time, but hopefully by treating her as they have been and surely like they will do in the future, God-willing, her heart won't worsen any more than the current state that it is in.

Again thanks for all of your prayers....it meant a lot to know that people were praying for my family and I! I am so emotionally and physically spent that I will have to call it a night and end the blog post here for now. I look forward to getting back to blogging sometime this week...so until then...good night bloggers.


  1. Haven't gotten the chance to say anything about this, (its been a hectic day) but that is good news. I'm glad you got to see her, though I am not glad you missed the chance to see me. . .

    Regardless, great news.

  2. Praying for you, your family and your Mimi, dear Sarah! We know our God is the Great Physician, and I pray He will pour His healing over your Mimi in exactly the ways she needs it. Please keep us updated, so we can continue to pray for her in specifics. - Amy-Jo

  3. Continuing to pray, girl!! Stay strong in the LORD. When you are past your physical strength, lean on His everlasting arms.



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