On My Way To You...

I am really super excited this evening because of a few reasons... 
(1) Today was my last work day of the week. (2) Piano lessons with A went great today. (3) I am hitting the road tomorrow morning to go visit my awesome guy and his wonderful family for the weekend.

Currently though I am working on getting all of my NaBloPoMo posts up and written to be pre-posted while I'm away this weekend. So...don't worry blogger lovelies because even though I'll be away for a few day there will still be posts up for your reading and commenting pleasure. As soon as I am done writing and posting this particular post I have to go pack for the weekend (not one of my favorite things to do...at all!) I loathe packing, and unpacking is such a chore....it really takes me forever to pack....not looking forward to packing, but the weekend, now that I am looking forward to.

I am procrastinating the inevitable at this point. I'd much rather blog than go pack right now, but pack I must go do. I should be excited about packing, but I'm not. I am excited however about Jared taking me out to tomorrow to eat lunch and go to the movies though. 

Anyway, here's to hoping that everyone has a wonderful weekend whilst I am away,
P.S.- Jared tomorrow I will be headed on my way to you my love! Wahoozies! =)
P.S.S.- There's still time to make your guesses be known in my Movie Quote Trivia - Take 2 post.


  1. 1. Adorable photos!!

    2. Adorable background!!

    3. Have fun! :)

  2. Have fun!! :) I am excited because I don't have to go back to work until Monday!! :D Haha, but now I'm down after realizing today is Saturday. lol jk :P



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