A Year Full Of Love (11~8~2009)

 -November 2009-
Last November was our first month together as a new couple. I was sick, but you came to visit me anyway, love. *love the way you're looking at me in this pic*
 -December 2009-
The downtown city lights...and us.
 -January 2010-
Chillipepper. Thanks for catching me when I tripped and fell up the stairs. Chaperoning alongside you was a blast...shall we do it again this coming year?
-February 2010-
Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow! Valentines Day (weekend) was that much better because we got to make snow seraphs together on the front lawn...and that snowball fight...Seth and I totally had you beat! lol
 -March 2010-
A sword for my knight.
 -April 2010-
Our first time walking on the beach together...hand in hand under the stars.
 -May 2010-
My 21st birthday.
 -June 2010-
Sitting by the mountain river streams.
 -July 2010-
Celebrating our LoVe of independence on the lake.
-August 2010-
A photo shoot...that you'll never live down, but I love you for it all the more...Mr. Calvin Klein! =P
 -September 2010-
Whitewater Rafting. Thanks for holding miss-shaking-like-a-leaf-can't breathe's hand in the bus on the way up to the river. You were right...again. I loved every minute of the rapids and can't wait to go on them again with ya one day! 
 -October 2010-
Just hiking around.....
-November 2010-
Again in this picture I am sick, and you are still by my side. I have no clue as to why I always seem to get sick in November!

Let's make the next year together as memorable, if not more, than the first! Happy Anniversary, J.T. Fisher!


  1. you dont look sick! you look pretty good! :) ha ha when i was sick, i didnt even get out of my pjs!

  2. What a sweet post!! I love your pictures! Annnnnd....I secretly wanna go white water rafting, but I'm too scared to ask hubster to take me. One of these days I'll work up the courage...

  3. Congratulations! Hope you two have many more years like these :)

    And as for getting sick in November...the changing of the seasons, perhaps? The fact that it's the end of the year? I don't know. But I hope you get better soon!

    God bless.

  4. Ashley: My 100 degree fever plus my amplified kleenex use says otherwise! haha

    Heather: Thanks! And you and your hubby should totally go whitewater rafting. Your hubby can hold your hand until you reach the river, like Jared did for me! =)

    Sierra: Thanks, much!

    Andi: =D

  5. What sweet pictures, dear!! Loved looking at them! Congratulations to one year!!


  6. aw, well i hope you are feelin better. :)

  7. Awww, so sweet! Congrats!
    *I* always get sick in MARCH.


  8. I hope you are feeling better. :) This post is so sweet. I'm loving how you give swords to him--very very cool. And white water rafting is the coolest thing since sliced bread.

  9. congrats on a year! here's to another great one!!!


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