Semi-Homemade Holiday Baking

{Me and my semi-homemade mint chocolate chip cookies}

I finally got around to doing some semi-homemade baking this past Monday evening that I had been wanting, and meaning, to do for a little while now. *digressing only momentarily now* I have a confession to make....baking is not really my thing, although I am capable of baking and not burning down the kitchen (however there was the infamous 'brownie fiasco' a few years back where the brownies almost were lit afire in the oven because of an extra amount of vegetable oil that was added in by me into the brownie batter *sheepish grin*). 

My lovely little sis, Mary, is the resident baker and cake maker (hey that rhymed!), and I myself am more of a regular foodie chef specializing and taking pride in being able to cook all dishes Italiano-style. 

I may not be a bake-from-scratch kinda gal, but I do have my occasional successes in the semi-homemade department. I can however make excellent looking and tasting pound cakes, and chocolate chip cookies from scratch though! So I guess I am not completely hopeless in the realms of bake-dom! Okay, well, enough jibber-jabber! The real reason I am ranting about baking is because I REALLY want to share my easy-peezy-lemon-squeezy Chocolate Turtle recipe with all of you blogger lovelies! So here goes.....with photos to boot!

Chocolate Turtle Recipe with Step-By-Step Instructions

{I actually bought one too many bags of pretzels and pecans...but now I know how the ratio need double the amount of bags of Rolos to every one bag of pretzels and pecans.}

Here's a list of what ingredients you'll need: 
(2) Bags of Rolo's Candy
(1) Bag of Snyder's Square Pretzels
(1) Bag of Fisher's Pecan Halves 
*you can use another type of nuts instead of pecans if you'd prefer*

And Here Is What You'll Need To Do:

*Preheat your oven to 350º*

Step 1- Grab a metal non-stick cookie sheet, or a stone bar pan.

Step 2 - Grab your bag of pretzels, open them up and lay them out on your baking pan of choice salt side up.

Step 3 - Grab your bags of Rolos and get to unwrapping (this is the hardest part...the unwrapping of said golden covered delectable candies.) Then place one Rolo at a time on each pretzel on your baking pan.

Step 4 - Grab your bag of pecans *or another variety of nut* and place them in a wide shallow dish or bowl. You do this step to get the pecans ready to slide down into the melted chocolate Rolo's directly after you pull them out of the oven. 

Step 5 - Place the baking sheet with all of it's finely laid out and precisely centered ingredients into your 350º degree oven. Then put on your timer for 4-5 minutes, and let the Rolo's start to melt and heat through a bit in the oven.  *I'd suggest turning on your oven light and just eye-balling them though, because really they don't take too long to heat through and melt the Rolo's a bit.*

Step 6 - Pull your baking sheet out of the oven as soon as the Rolo's are very soft, but not quit melty. As soon as you pull them out of the oven, place the baking pan on a trivet and quickly begin to press the pecans down directly in the middle of each pretzel/melted Rolo.

*I made a minor boo boo in my baking endeavor, but they still tasted amazing*

 Step 7 - After you are finished placing the pecans onto the pretzels 'n' uber goodness place the baking sheet of turtles in the fridge (or outside because that is how I do it...making sure that there are no stray cats, coons or possums on your back deck of course! lol!) to cool and harden.......and you are finished! Enjoy! =)

If you try these Chocolate Turtles out let me know how you liked them okay? Happy Holiday Baking To You!


  1. These look amazing! Thanks for sharing the steps! Love your apron and your matching mitt!

  2. My sis and I are hoping to do a little baking this next week before we head to TN to see the family - we'd like to go with goodies in hand! If we do get a chance (that's looking kinda slim though!) we might give these a try, with a different nut of course! LOL! If we pick a day to do it maybe you can join us if you don't have to work, and meet Gypsy! I want to do chocolate dipped pretzels and rice Krispie treats and maybe a chex mix. Who knows!

  3. wow, those look really good. me and my sister have been doin some baking too. we made gingerbread men and women and children and chickens....yes...chickens...and decorated them. it was quite fun. we also made peanut brittle....NOT FUN! i never want to make it again! i stirred for 30mins! im sticking with cookies. :)

  4. {Lynnie} I love my apron and matching mit too...Miss Tricia (Jared's momma) gave them to me...they are from Anthropologie!

    (Alaythea} Those treats sound DELIGHTFUL! =)

    {Ashley} My sister helped me take the photos for this baking endeavor and she helped me unwrap the mountains of rolo's too. Chickens? Wow! We are more alike than you think...would've done the same kinda weird thing with the gingerbread dough probably had it been me making the cookies! lol *Note to self: never make peanut brittle...CHECK!*


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