7+ Exciting Things To Share

(1) Here in the NC Mountains we got a White CHRISTmas and it was so beautiful! You can find more pictures of our snow covered Winter Wonderland HERE.

(2) I finally got something that I had been dreaming about getting all year long for Christmas this year....I lucked out and received a beautiful Canon EOS Rebel XS 1000D!!! I. Am. Blessed.

{This is the photo that made Top 10}
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(3) I am one of the 10 finalists in the Timeless Wonders Photography Contest that was/is being hosted by Rachel Kei and Miss Raquel. Please click here to visit Raquel's top fave 5 photos......leave a comment on the post about my photo if you wish! Thanks so much Misses Rachel & Raquel for putting on this uber cool themed photography contest! =)

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-My GelaSkins Kindle cover-
{image via: amazon.com}

(4) My momma and I both just ordered ourselves Amazon Kindles on Christmas Eve day and they should be here by tomorrow! I am extremely excited to be able to download ALL of the Classics from Amazon as well as Kestrel's Midnight Song by: Jacob R. Parker, once I get myself an Amazon Kindle Gift Card to purchase e-books with. Momma and I picked out super cute GelaSkins covers for our Kindles too....can't wait to get my hands on my Kindle!!!

(5) Interview swaps are in the works.....the first one will probably be posted either this week or within the first week of 2011. I'll give you a hint about the first person I'm interviewing: she is a Daughter of God. *Big Smile*

(6) I finally got my PHOTOGRAPHY BLOG (Neo-Victorian Photography) up and running, so please feel free to stop by and FOLLOW ALONG if you will (because I will be posting the majority of my photos up on my new blog now instead of on my main blog). Also, do you remember when I said I'd be posting pics up on my photography blog that went along with my So In Love With The Holidays post? Well they are up for your viewing pleasure on my blog right now! CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE PICS.

(7) With a NEW YEAR rapidly approaching there comes new thoughts, desires, dreams, goals, friends, fears, experiences and things to rejoice over. With all of these new things I feel I should open up the transparent box that I've been sitting in even more, and continue to be transparent me...perhaps with a bit more of a stand. I'd also love to have a new blog design...not sure if I can afford to swing into purchasing a new blog design right now or not, but maybe I'll at least be able to get a new look going for the New Year by gathering a new look for myself. Any thoughts on a new design...name? A new blog name (not the URL though) is in the possible works....the gears of names are grinding heavily in my mind currently. What did you think of the old vintagey pink heart and flower background and header that I had up before the Christmas-y one that was from Robin Blogs?
So blogger love-lies and handsome-lies are there any excitements going on in your life right now....anything you'd love to share with me....because I'd love to hear them! Are there any things that are the exact opposite of excitements in your life right now....anything you want me to pray for you about, or specifically for you? I'd love to be in prayer for you....

My prayer right now is that I would feel like I belong in a Church again. I've been feeling disconnected lately, and well, I've been struggling to let go of some past wrongs that were done to me...there's some forgiveness to be done and worked within in me and my un-forgiving and un-forgetting heart yet. I know that the Lord can do this. He can do ANYTHING! I just want to forgive, not necessarily forget, because past things, strife and wrong turns have made me into the young woman who is typing before your very own eyes right now. I want to spend more time with My King....which in all honesty has been lacking a bit lately. At times, when I am stressed out I seem to avoid myself and Him too. I know this hurts God...it surely hurts me too. My goal in 2011 is that I will grow deeper in Him (in Faith, Love, Hope and His Word) and in His Church.

Sorry to hit you all with my random thoughts at the end of this post. If you really want to be random, and do something extremely fun, do that Music Shuffle Tag. Believe you me, you will be astounded at your answers, and wherever you are typing, whether you be in your room, a comfy chair by the fire, in an internet cafe or sitting at your family computer you will be sure to burst forth with later from the sheer epic amount of random hilarity. (I love you guys/gals for putting up with my random thoughts....and you still comment...totally amazes me at times...)

Much LoVe to YOU,


  1. Sounds like life is good right now for you!!! And I love your Kindle cover, I ordered a cover for my Touch - it's not nearly as neat as yours but I can't wait to get it so that I can actually carry my Touch with me. Right now I'm scared to take it anywhere and scratch it up! I can't believe the Holidays are over.....*sniff sniff* but the new year should be exciting!

  2. the whole church deal sounds complicated and rough. ill be praying for you. :)


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