Happy Birthday My Dearest One

{my lovely momma}

I just wanted to wish my wonderful-amazing-awesome-totally hilarious-beautiful-momma a very happy birthday today! 

Momma you've no idea what you mean to me and to our family. Truly you mean the world to us! It has been so odd being the one to take care of you (after your major surgery this past week) when usually it is you taking care of all of us, but I am honored that I am able to still be living at Home during this time in my life so that I may be of service to our wonderful family...and especially to you.  Thank you so much for all you do...so graciously without any want in return, other than to see your daughters fall in love with Him all the more deeply and be prepared to be great wives and mothers some day in the near future.

I love you dearest momma, with all my heart!


  1. Aww, happy birthday to your sweet mother! =)
    I'm praying that you get well soon so you can see the new Narnia movie...I know you will love it...it's AMAZING!! =)

  2. Happy Birthday! Mother's are truly amazing women, I am so proud of all those who have gone against the trend of the world and sought to raise their children for the Lord! Your faithfulness will be proclaimed to children for generations. I pray that I may one day aspire to the same high calling.

  3. {Annie} Thanks! I can't wait to see The Voyage of the Dawn Treader!!! =)

    {His Handmaiden} I will make sure your lovely message gets passed along, and read, by my momma. Thanks for those sweet thought filled words, friend!

  4. Hope your mom has a wonderful birthday!!


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