oh, restless bird

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i'm so happy that everyone has loved the name change of my blog so far. "oh, restless bird" has really been my life message right now...this restlessness in all it's vast definitions. so, i guess i owe you all a little further explanation as to why i went from 'daughter of the king' to 'oh, restless bird,' huh?

Why The Name Change
it all started when i found a passage of scripture that said: "people who won't settle down, wandering hither and yon, are like the restless birds, flitting to and fro (Proverbs 27:8.)" it really spoke to me about who i was at the time. i was the daughter who was struggling to reside at the feet of rest. the one who always stressed herself out to no end. it was after reading that scripture that i knew i was a restless person...a very restless bird...but in not in such a good way at the time.

then in nothing short of a miracle i learned that with the extreme generosity of a very lovely novelist and her family that i would be attending She Speaks over the Summer (which was a dream come true!), which started setting the wheels in motion for me to start living a more restless and daring life, as a writer and as a woman of God. knowing that i was going to need to write something for the writer's peer critique group class that i had signed up for at She Speaks i started preparing an article that had a subject that was very close to my heart. the article/devo i wrote was entitled 'just relax restless bird.' the article spoke to the women in the group, and spoke to my own heart more than i even knew at the time.

since arriving home from She Speaks life has been an up and down roller coaster ride. work has never been always fun or easy all the time (actually work is rather trying at times), and neither has trying to maintain healthy relationships with loved ones while not hurting others and stepping on toes. needless to say i had been stressed out and super restless. i was the proverbial wandering bird, trying desperately to make nest. i've found that nest. that nest is Him. not that i didn't know that before, but that message of restlessness, in black and white before my very eyes, started to become more clear to me as the months dragged onward.

this year i've learned that being the restless bird is both a good thing and a bad thing. this untamed restless feeling began somewhere in the hot and hazy summer days of this year and has started to mean something deeper to me this autumn.

i've learned that it's okay to feel restless, ultimately, as long as it's not a restless spirit that drives a wedge between yourself and God. if you are restless in your insecurities, self doubts and fears, then it's not such a good thing. but if you, like me, are restless to write more, to love more, to minister more and to strengthen your relationship with God more, than being that restless bird is a wonderful thing!

needless to say God's been stirring some BIG things in my heart this year and i can't help but to feel restless about it all. so i will continue to pour out words from these ruffled feathers, not just as a daughter of the king, but as a daughter of the king who restlessly longs for more.

What God's Said Specifically To This Restless Bird
just relax RESTLESS BIRD << that's me proverbially (post soon to come)
you are MORE << my thoughts on identity crisis resolved (find my post on More To Be)
you are not your OWN << the Great Author writes my life (post found HERE)
you have a MISSION FIELD << words, devoid eyes and city streets (post found HERE)
you can be CONTENT << don't be complacent (post soon to come)
you can be DARING, dear heart << a daring life (post soon to come)

What Are Your Restless Struggles & Triumphs?
i would love more than anything for you to continue following me here on my blog, so that you and i can share our hearts, our Jesus and our journeys together. i pray that you will boldly embrace your good restlessness and cast aside the not so good restlessness that keeps you from making nest at the feet of Jesus. remain restless for Him, always, dear heart. ...and fly on.


  1. I so love this post! I, too, am restless. Super duper sized restless these days, but perhaps not the good kind. Working on that. And I, too, went to 'She Speaks' this past summer and it changed my world, but still struggle in my restlessness to articulate or even hear clearly what it is the Lord would like me to be doing; whether being still or something else...

  2. i hear you , Nikki. it's been really hard for me to figure out just what God wants me to do next...where HE wants me to go next...after having gone to She Speaks. just rest in HIM and trust that wherever HE has you right now has been purposed.

  3. As always, you are a big encouragement!!

  4. {marie} thank you. i surely try my best to be!

  5. this is beautiful, and really gives a great insight into your mind. this name change is amazing, and really fits you so well.


  6. i love this, Sarah. thank you for sharing.

  7. This is awesome, Sarah! EXACTLY!


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